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You’ll be very disappointed if you expected us to list our favourite food court eateries in this article. Instead sit back, start your drool engine and get ready to feel hunger pains, because the Mall of America is filled with dozens of restaurants that will get your tastebuds racing.

But how do you choose where to eat?

Well, we dined at each eatery below so you can trust our first-hand opinions. But hey! Don’t take our word for it, get yourself to the largest mall in the US and indulge your tastebuds. 

Where To Eat For Breakfast

Fire Lake Grill House & Cocktail Bar

I highly recommend staying at the Radisson Blu Mall of America for utmost convince on your mall vacation. But even if you are just heading to the mall for a breakfast bite, you must check out the beautiful Fire Lake Grill House & Cocktail Bar. 

Radisson Blu Mall of America
Fire Lake Grill House entry

Okay, so you can go there for more than just breakfast, but we enjoyed a masterful, mouth-watering breakfast – one of the best morning meals we’ve eaten in the US. And that’s no small claim.

The restaurant is tastefully decorated, funky and modern. Fire Lake goes further to incorporate the same creative flair in its food.

Look, or salivate, at these photos…

Strawberry banana smoothie
Spiced PearBerry
Perfectly cooked eggs Benedict served with broccolini on bruschetta
Oven apple pannekoeken - a funky take on our favourite Dutch tradition. It was so delicious Josh ate it before he could snap a photo!

Oh, did I mention it has sparkly floors? And to top it off the restaurant is connected to the mall via a fully enclosed pedestrian overpass, so you don’t even need to step outside. Don’t miss this one!

Where To Eat For Lunch

American Girl Bistro

Being from Australia we definitely do not get the whole American Girl craze, but after dining here, we may have joined. 

Located in the American Girl store on the upper level, overlooking Nickelodeon Universe, is the American Girl Bistro. Upon entrance the kids were asked if they had dolls and when they replied they did not, they were given a loaner doll and doll chair to join us at the table. 

I have never seen the kids so into dining as they were at this restaurant. Everything is made for that special moment with your doll, from the hair tie napkins, to the little cup and saucer.

And the food! It was all decorated with such flair and pizzazz that I was having as much fun as the kids. For only US$15 we were each served a three-course meal. On top of that our waitress was about as friendly and attentive as you can get.

Warm artichoke-spinach dip
Fancy fruit fondue
Macaroni and cheese bites
Caprese salad
Chopped wedge salad
Linguine with chicken & winter vegetables
Macaroni & cheese
Perfect picnic (mini hot dog & burger)

During our meal we were supplied with a pack of cards to ask inspire conversation around the table. Several responses from our kids set us into fits of giggles:

          Parent: What is the best way to cure stage fright?

          Kid: A sword.

          Parent: If you could be any animal what would it be?

          Kid: A deer so I can fight people with my horns. Wait, no, a bigger deer with sword ears.

Granted, that one was my son and not such a typical “American Girl” response. And clearly swords were the off-beat topic of the day.

The kids were able to keep the cups and hair ties, but had to return the dolls afterwards.

Note: Josh and Caius were the only males in the bistro, which I found highly amusing. American Girl Bistro would make the perfect daddy-daughter date (if daddy is plucky enough to brave the pink ambush).


The SkyDeck Sports Grille & Lanes on the top floor of the mall is a great place for a family lunch. Eat during a game of bowling or simply grab a table and let the kids meander around the place using a prepaid swipe card to play the large assortment of arcade games. It’s best described as a sports bar merged with Chuck E Cheese’s. Food options include your typical American favourites like hot dogs and burgers, with a slight twist.

Brat burger with sauerkraut
Custom built burger with BBQ sauce
Cheese quesadilla
Before we left our kids traded in their arcade tokens for candy and toys. Seemed like an early Christmas!

Where To Eat For Dinner

Water Park Of America

After an afternoon at the water park our kids were famished. Famished and tired. We really wanted to try the Split Rock Grille, however just couldn’t bring ourselves to leave the hotel room. That’s when we noticed the room service menu offered the exact same meals as the restaurant.

The wait for our food was pretty substantial (it was a busy weekend), but we were prepared for that since we hadn’t ordered your typical “room service dishes”. When the delivery arrived it came on a surprisingly fancy white-tablecloth roller table.

Check out these images, I mean this is room service! 

New York steak
Reuben sandwich
Cheese pizza

We started off with guacamole, and finished the meal with strawberry cheesecake, apple pie, chocolate lava cake, and crème brulee. 

Our eyes were bigger then our stomachs and we couldn’t finish all the delicious food. Some of the finest food I’ve ever eaten in bed.

Hard Rock Cafe

Of course we’ve seen Hard Rock all over the world, but in all our years of travel we had never eaten at one.

So one evening, after a full day at Nickelodeon Universe, the enticing music and fun atmosphere lured us in. The manager, Joshua Forrest visited our table and was so friendly. He’s an amazing manager and was the cherry on top of a lovely evening, so ask for him specifically (tell him Travel With Bender sent you).

As for the delicious meals, they were as to be expected - enormous American servings. 

Modelo burger (quarterly special)
Arugula salad…
...with side of mac & cheese

Our kids enjoyed Styler's off-the-hook fish sticks, and Skiddley's not-so-diddly chicken breast (with broccoli). 

Apple cobbler
Oreo cheesecake

Mia even got a chance to go on stage to blow out the candle on her ice-cream sundae. So cute!

Very sweet message from Forrest

Dick’s Last Resort

We were unprepared for what this unique restaurant had in store for us. Sure it had a comical frontage with a bizarre cartoon face staring at us. But once we walked in things only got way funnier – and I’m not just talking about the rhinoceros head mounted on the wall. 

Obnoxious staff had the kids in fits of giggles and us adults gaping, like a stunned fish out of water. Paper hats with rude comments, shouting, insults, jokes and horseplay. It was a night to remember! Dick’s may not be known for the best food in town, but it was the most fun we’d had in a restaurant. You have to experience it to believe it. 

Be careful what you order – the food servings were massive! After Josh stuffed his face with the BBQ Combo, it looked like he’d barely made a dent on the plate. 1 main course could have easily been shared by 2 adults.

Fried pickles (very popular)
That is just the side salad…
...for this rib eye
BBQ Combo
Kid-sized ribs
Kid-sized corndog
We arrived like strangers, but left like family

The Bottom Line

With so many places to eat at Mall of America you are going to be hard pressed to conquer them all, but hopefully we’ve given you a taste for what’s in store when you visit America’s largest shopping mall. 

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Wow, what a post. The photos of various dishes have already made me hungry and I just can’t wait to try them. My passion for food made me to choose chef as a profession. I love to try new dishes across the globe for inspiration. Your clicks with the family and friends looks really cute. These places are certainly in my bucket list for the next trip.

Akash Nambiar Feb 12th, 2016

What a fun family place, with something to please everyone! I just couldn't bring myself to sign up for the TBEX there, but know I will probably kick myself in the end. Your family really knows how to enjoy themselves!

alison abbott Feb 13th, 2016

These all look great in different ways but if I ever get there myself can I borrow your kids to take with me. I can't imagine visiting Dick's would be the same without them!

Kathryn Burrington Feb 15th, 2016

Wow, who knew that you can get all this amazing food in a mall, but I'm sure it's not just any mall we are talking about here. Fab foodie pics, I want to lick the screen.

noel Feb 15th, 2016

Wow, who knew that you can get all this amazing food in a mall, but I'm sure it's not just any mall we are talking about here. Fab foodie pics, I want to lick the screen.

noel Feb 15th, 2016

That place sounds enormous! I'm not sure those eateries would do anything for my waistline - whilst it all looks rather tasty, those Americans seem to know how to pack in the calories into a dish! :)

Paul (@luxury__travel) Feb 15th, 2016

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