To Eat or Not To Eat – That is Not the Question in Vegas

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Vegas, the city of sin is home to many of the 7 deadly sins and gluttony is high on the list. Everywhere you look there is a buffet. You can get specials which allow you to eat from 5 buffets in 24 hours! I am not sure if you have ever eaten at a buffet, but generally one a day is plenty for that whole day and then some, let alone 5!

While in Vegas we did head to a few of the buffets, generally one every second day with a few squished in at the end that we wanted to try.

Here is an overview of the buffets we visited that you might want to check out when you get to Vegas.

Paradise Buffet

This buffet is located on Freemont Street. It’s tucked at the back of a giant gaming area. We arrived about 9:45pm and it closed at 10pm so there was not a lot of fresh food, but there was a lot of food. The tacos were a particular favourite of mine. We got a discount cause of the late entry and we were allowed to stay later than 10pm just the food started disappearing at 10pm so we had 15 minutes to get all the food we wanted on the table to consumer that night. Of course we had way too much! 

Kids free – adults if I can remember were about $10.99

Unlimited Soda included – ask your waitress 


Big Belly Buffet

This buffet was located in our hotel Monte Carlo. They are currently renovating the restaurant so the casual premises were in a fairly dismal and hard to find location. Possibly why Tix4Tonight were offering 50% off the meal. For $2 you can buy a coupon giving you 50% off the buffet. So one night, again about 9pm we walked up the stairs and enjoyed our Big Belly buffet. Again the food was not that fresh, but the frien chicken was to die for.

Kids: free, Adults: half price from tix4tonight, so I think it was about $10 each

Unlimited Soda included – ask your waitress


Luxor Buffet

It seems the buffets got bigger and bigger as our days went on and we looked for better & more unusual ones. The Luxor buffet is located in the bottom levels of the Egyptian-themed Luxor, it's like an excavation dig. It is a pyramid shaped restaurant with a fabulous layout and delicious food. We especially loved the desserts on offer at the Luxor and the decor. It was a great buffet.

Adults: $22, Kids: free

Unlimited soda included – refill drink fountains around the place 


Treasure Island (TI) Buffet *FAVOURITE*

Our favourite buffet from 2007 was still just as awesome. We decided to go for lunch and it was fresh and yummy. There are several different stations throughout the buffet some with food already made, lots with food made on the spot like the pasta, the salads. Oh and the desserts – cookies, fairy floss and more! If there is just 1 buffet you visit in Vegas, this has to be it! Still the best pasta I have ever had.

Adult: $22, kids: free

Unlimited Soda included – ask your waitress


MGM Grand Buffet *2nd FAVOURITE*

The ultimate buffet. Our last buffet that we visited at midday. It was confusing to my stomach and to my eyes. Have you ever been to a “brunch buffet”? There was breakfast and lunch being served and then as we were still there at 2:30pm (our kids both napped so we were in no hurry to move on) they changed the breakfast foods over for dinner foods and it became a “linner”! The food was excellent quality, very fresh and so yummy. Something for everyone here.

Adults: $19.99, under 3: free

Unlimited soda, champagne & juice - ask your waitress


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