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Penang, Malaysia

10 Things To Do With Kids In Penang

Who hasn't thought of living on an island? We enjoyed our 2 months on the island of Penang discovering everything to do with our kids. And despite the usual shopping centres and cinemas, we found a list of things to do as long as our arm. Perhaps these would be your favourites too. 

1. Monkey Beach

Who wouldn’t love a day on a tropical island. Bring your swimmers, buckets and spades for an amazing day on Monkey Beach. Don’t forget food and water, but hide it from the monkeyies – they are very brave. Our family of four paid $20 for a boat to Monkey Island. You can also take a long hike to get there.


2. Adventure Zone

The Golden Bay Sands is a luxurious resort in Batu Ferringhi. They have a kids club and attached to this club is a indoor playground complete with scary slides – vertical drop slides, wave slides and slides to make you scream. Tip: Eat lunch at The Golden Bay Sands on Sunday for about $15 per adult, kids under 6 free and you get a free pass to the playground. IMG_0085.jpg

3. Penang Forest Museum/Eco Park

A little hidden treasure. A beautiful park with playground and natural water source with slides. Free.


4. Penang Youth Park

Several different playgrounds for the kids to play all day and public pools, which are not too deep. Free.


5. Hard Rock Hotel

This hotel is pretty popular in Penang as it gives out passes so you can use the pool facilities whenever you like. They have a kids splashpark, waterslides and some pretty amazing pools right beside the beach. Also once a month they have a foam party, one for kids and one for adults that was totally fun. Check out Hard Rock Hotel for latest prices on day passes to the pools, plus Foam Party entrance ticket.


6. Penang Butterfly Farm

I’m not usually one for insect parks, but there was something special about this one. The kids adored the gardens and finding butterflies at ever turn. Plus you get to release some as well, which was a favourite. Entry was 27 MYR ($8.50AUD) per adult with kids under 4 free.


7. Orang-Utan Island

On this island you are the one in the cage. A caged walk through goes through the middle of the island where the orang-utans play on ether side, staying close to the cages because of the food stations and to entertain themselves with the humans visiting. This is not actually in Penang, but nearby. Check their website for up-to-date pricing. 


8. Sunsets on the beach

You could find us consistently having dinner on the beach. The kids could play in the sand or take a horse ride. There was even a litter of puppies frequenting our spot that were great for playtime. Free or the cost of dinner.


9. Stay Home

Our apartment at Miami Green had a playground, a few pools and one including a slide. The kids loved to stay home and hang out. Free, apart from your rental costs.


10. You Tell Me

Number ten is for you to decide. We went to so many other great places, that I'd love to hear what you would say number 10 is! Tell us in the comments below!


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