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5 Reasons Why I’m Going To Gulf County, Florida

This post brought to you by Visit Gulf County. The content and opinions expressed below are that of me, Erin Bender!

Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve seen the sea? Too long. When I was in Texas I didn’t make it to the gulf. Which means the last time I was at the beach was when I visited a friend in Tampa, Florida back in February. And that was just 1 fleeting afternoon.

Growing up and by the ocean most of my life, makes that 2 months too many. I miss its salty siren call. My hands are already shaking from withdrawals.

So that is why I knew I had to get back to Florida. But not just any part of Florida. The warm waters and sandy beaches of Gulf County.


1. The Beach

So you guessed by now my number one reason is to go to the beach. Gulf County is located in the panhandle of the US State of Florida, which means there is 43 miles of coastline - The Gulf of Mexico, the pristine, saltwater St. Joseph Bay, Indian Pass Lagoon, the Gulf County Canal, the Intracoastal Waterway, the Apalachicola Bay and river basin, and the freshwater of the Dead Lakes and Chipola River. So many different options.

With beaches comes relaxation, toes in the sand, laughter of children playing. Have you ever noticed that kids are never bored at the beach? There’s never mention of TV or video games, just sandcastles and water fights. 

Credit: Visit Gulf County


2. Vacation Rentals

When you holiday with kids having space is a key to enjoying your break. Add a kitchen to that and it’s fabulous. But places like Serenity Beach Rentals also offer houses right on the beach. Off the porch into the sand. Yes, please!  I love that it’s that easy. 

Credit: Visit Gulf County


3. Water Sports

Gulf County runs at an unhurried pace, preserving its cultural identity. Nature is undisturbed. It is allowed to flourish and grow. So it’s great to know that if we head out with Daly’s Watersports to paddleboard or snorkel we won’t be harming the environment just enjoying it. And since I love to snorkel that’s a big plus. 

Credit: Visit Gulf County


4. Adventure 

I’ve read fellow bloggers posts on Gulf County and how you can easily find your adventure. Whether it’s horse riding on the beach, fishing with the kids, sunset cruising with dolphins or adopting baby sea turtles, the outdoor adventures in Gulf County are calling me. The best thing about nature is that you really never get the same experience twice. It’s always changing. 

Credit: Visit Gulf County


5. Restaurants & Shopping

Gulf County has it’s own signature cocktail. Need I say more? Yes, I’m actually heading there just for the GCFL. With plenty of coastal cuisine on offer and restaurants that will cook your very own catch; it seems like a good place to get my seafood on. Plus after all that time in the sun chasing adventure I’m sure I’ll convince husband to stay home with the kids fast asleep and head to Reid Avenue for a dose of boutique shopping. Or maybe visit Sierra Trading Post for camping supplies and slip in a new pair of shoes too. 

Credit: Visit Gulf County

I can’t wait to fly into Panama City, Florida this weekend for my beach adventure. Want to come?

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Posted by Agness on
The beach reason is the most important!!! :) You don't need other reasons to go there I guess LOL :)
Posted by John on
For me it's the water sports. Actually snorkeling - this is the activity I miss the most when I'm away from the ocean for too long.
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