33 Stunning Photos of Bali’s Most Beautiful Luxury Beachside Resort

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I’ve put together a healthy dose of visual inspiration for your yearning wanderlust. A carefully selected collection of my favourite shots from one of the most beautiful beachside resorts we’ve visited anywhere in the world – Samabe Bali Suites & Villas. This is a luxury resort where the spectacular views you see in real life, are actually better than what the brochure depicts.

I hope you enjoy these scenes which capture the best of man-made and natural beauty found in Samabe, Nusa Dua, Bali.

- Josh

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Sunset over the infinity pool.

Crystal Blue ocean grill overlooking the pool, providing panoramic ocean views. If you look carefully you can see twinkling stars in the dark azure sky.

Gazing into infinity. One of the private villa pools which seems to stretch into the turquoise ocean.

Dusk sky and pond wrapping around the lobby area and Rempah–Rempah restaurant. At night small floating candles would cover the pond’s surface.

Views over the pond from Rempah–Rempah restaurant.

Table for 2 at sunrise overlooking the beach and ocean, under cotton candy clouds.

Couples’ seats… with a view.

Reflection of paradise.

Views from a private suite overlooking the quiet ocean. This place feels like you’re a million miles from anywhere… in a good way.

Lobby entrance elegantly lit up at dusk.

Entrance to Crystal Blue restaurant under a full moon.

Private table for 2 at Crystal Blue.

Watching a spectacular sunrise by the swimming pool.

3 trees at sunrise, reflecting on the mirror-like swimming pool.

Our sweet suite. The living area included a large solid wooden table with convenient power point and (relatively) fast internet. I was in laptop heaven. Oh, and there were awesome views of the ocean too.

Music on arrival.

Inside one of the 1-bedroom villas. All the comforts of home… but in paradise!

Watching wispy white clouds float quietly by. Contrasted against the deep blue sky and emerald-turquoise ocean, these made for the humblest yet most gorgeous scenery.

Birds at sunrise.

Lobby area. Always willing and ready to help.

Dinner time at Rempah–Rempah restaurant.

Inside Rempah–Rempah restaurant.

Lobby lounges and TE.JA.Co. Lounge & Bar. Live music played in the evenings, setting the perfect atmosphere for dinner or drinks.


Sand and the sea.

Breakfast condiments. Extreme attention to detail is evident everywhere, and if you’ve been to Bali before you’ll know how uncommon this is.

Banana and strawberry pancake. Not on the menu, but not a problem.

After a cooking class with the head chef, we sat down to eat a delicious meal of local fresh fish wrapped in banana leaf. Delicious!

The Chapel. Imagine a wedding with this kind of view.

Sunrise sky. This is the view from the swimming pool over the ocean.

Your chariot awaits. Golf cart is the primary mode of transport around the 8 hectares of manicured gardens.

First light.

Superman is learning how to fly. Our kids loved this resort along with its well-prepared kids club.

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I LOVE the sunglasses shot, the one bedroom villa shot and the condiments! Great composure and lighting!

Anna Feb 24th, 2015

Oh my goodness - these photos make me want to jump on a plane right now and come here to stay.
What an amazing place.
Thanks for sharing. And inspiring us to visit Bali.
This is just a beautiful place to relax for sure.

Ruth Heather Johnston Feb 25th, 2015

Fabulous photos. The place looks absolutely amazing. Great moments, some beautiful lighting and colours. All round sumptuous.

Jackie de Burca Feb 25th, 2015

Bali is gorgeous, its been too long since I've visited last and this resort looks quite stunning - almost wouldn't want to leave when you have these gorgeous amenities

noel Feb 25th, 2015

I have just pinned this on to my wishlist, never having been to Bali this ticks all the boxes - the swimming pools just make it look even more incredible!

anna parker Feb 25th, 2015

There is a Dali appearance to many of these photographs, which I noted in the very 1st one. That is skill and a good eye. Congrats and what a beautiful resort.

Paula McInerney Feb 25th, 2015

Wonderful photos. The dusk sky and the wrap-around pond is the pick of the bunch for me. There's something truly magical about the light at that time of the day, even more so than dawn IMO (which is a good job because I'm not really a morning person!) :)

Paul (@luxury__travel) Feb 25th, 2015

Erin your face in the last one is priceless!

Sara Feb 26th, 2015

Stunning! Nothing else to say because I think we should all let the pictures do the talking. You really have captured perfect moments with the lighting and of course the gorgeous backdrops of the ocean and architecture throughout the resort.

Chris Boothman Feb 26th, 2015

Josh showcases hotels better than their own websites. (I think there's a consulting gig in there for you, Josh.)

Sabina Feb 26th, 2015

These are amazing photos. Sorry we didnt get to link up!

Annemarie D Feb 26th, 2015

Such fabulous pics. Love it!

shilpa Feb 26th, 2015

Wow! Stunning picture of Bali!!!
I love everything about Bali especially the temples, nature & culture.

Devraaj Farswan Feb 27th, 2015

Such stunning photos and what a fabulous place! I've yet to visit Bali and this would certainly be a fabulous place to stay.

Kathryn Burrington Mar 1st, 2015

You really have a good resort to stay. the view and the facilities is Very extraordinary. the photo you are taken is also beautiful , the sunset view is very stunning. and If you wanna search any information about hotel you can visit our site http://www.landhoteldiever.nl/nl/site/arrangementen. thanks for sharing.

james Apr 14th, 2016

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