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Western Australia

December 2013 - April 2014

Western Australia (WA) is our original home. We built our house here, had our kids here and some of our family still live here. Will we ever see WA as the tourists do? Or was it just my old hometown, filled with the mundane lifestyle of being “home”?

WA is a state occupying the entire western third of Australia. It has an amazing Indian Ocean coastline and is Australia's largest state, 4 times the size of Texas. It forms part of Australia, which is the 6th largest country in the world. 

The capital of WA is Perth, which is the largest city & fourth most populous city in Australia, with an estimated population of 1.9 million (at 30 June 2012).

  • Only One Weekend In Perth? Here’s Our Dream Weekend

    Only One Weekend In Perth? Here’s Our Dream Weekend

    Western Australia

    When you only have a few days to discover Perth, where should you go? We know this city off the back of our hand so here’s a travel expert’s tips on the best way to spend a weekend around Perth when time is of the essence. From food to attractions, we’ve covered it all.

  • 10 Things To Do In Perth With Kids

    10 Things To Do In Perth With Kids

    Western Australia

    It’s a first world country with first world entertainment and after a mountain of travel experiences over the last 600 days we were ready to plant our feet for a few months and do the odd attraction. In no particular order here are our kids favourite things to do in Perth, Western Australia...

  • Is Australia Really That Expensive?

    Is Australia Really That Expensive?

    Western Australia

    While we have been travelling the world we became aware that life on the road was cheaper than we first expected. We started saving money instead of spending it all. We read an article in 2013 that announced our hometown of Perth was now the 10th most expensive city in the world and we listened to our fellow travellers complain about the costs of living in Australia. Well now we are back. So is Australia really as expensive as they say?

  • What Do They Eat In The Land Down Under?

    What Do They Eat In The Land Down Under?

    Western Australia

    I was born and raised in Australia. And while we have a large influence from Britain and the US on our food, we have managed to come up with some culinary icons that are truly ours. When you head to Australia, like any other country, make sure you try out some of the local cuisine and it will give you new insight into the culture and history. Here are just a few...

  • Hello Australia – Life In Perth

    Hello Australia – Life In Perth

    Western Australia

    We almost missed our flight from Dubai to Perth, with just seconds to spare. Even though we are now in Australia, the adventures are not over. More are coming just around the corner. In the meantime, find out how we have settled in to familiar territory.