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$500 Of Visa Gift Cards From Lay’s #PassportToFlavor

Update: Thanks to everyone who participated in the Twitter chat. It was a blast! Follow us on Twitter for news about future Twitter chats.

On 16th August 2016 we’ll be part of a Twitter party. Follow along with the hashtag #PassportToFlavor.



For the love of travel! 

For a limited time, Lay’s has released 4 exciting, new internationally-inspired chip flavours in the US to celebrate the spirit of cultural diversity as the world comes together this summer:

  • Brazilian Picanha
  • Chinese Szechuan Chicken
  • Greek Tzatziki
  • Indian Tikka Masala 

Which flavour do you want to try? Share in the comments below. 

For those adventurous enough to try these flavours, Lay’s is offering fans the opportunity to visit the destinations that inspired these international flavours.

It’s simple to join. Follow these 4 steps:

1) Make a note of the time:

11 am to 12 pm Pacific (2 pm to 3 pm Eastern USA)

2) RSVP here (using the widget at the end of the article)

3) Read the Twitter Party Sweepstakes Rules

4) On the day, in addition to the #PassportToFlavor hashtag, also use #sweepstakes and #ad to be eligible to win.

The Twitter party prizes include 2x $100 Visa gift cards, 4x $50 Visa gift cards, and 4x $25 Visa gift cards!

By picking up specially marked Lay’s chips and entering the on-pack code at, fans can earn “miles” and “passport stamps” for chances to win travel-themed prizes including trips to Brazil, China, Greece and India.



For your chance to win your share of the Visa gift cards up for grabs, be part of the #PassportToFlavor Twitter chat.

I look forward to seeing you at the Twitter party.

This post brought to you by Lay's. The content and opinions expressed above are that of us!

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