TWB365 Party - Winners Revealed


What a way to celebrate! I hope you have enjoyed it too. We ended up with 53 prizes valued at over $7000... I can tell you I wish i was winning all of them, but as a gift person I am happy to be sharing the love with you all. Thanks so much for being apart of it! 

Over the last week we have done a series of special reflective posts that I hope you have all been enjoying.

365 Days of Beaches

We love the beach. We lived by a beautiful beach back home in Australia. And while the Great White’s have given me some good, clear water terror I am still drawn to the magnificent ocean. So what are our favourite beaches?

365 Days of Unbeatable Experiences

Over the last year we have had many firsts. Some I would rather forget, but many I will always recall. When we meet people and they ask us our favourite stories of travelling, these are the top 5 I always find myself repeating.

365 Days of Accomodation

It’s hard work constantly researching for a place to stay. What once was a joyful challenge during 2-4 holidays a year now is the bane of my existence. Sometimes so much that rarely book in advance any more. Check out some of the highlights in our 365 days of accommodation.

365 Days of Transport

With our travelversairy coming up I wanted to write a series of reflective posts on our best ofs & our worst ofs that we have experienced over the last 365 days of travel. The first one I was excited to do was to write about all the types of transport we have used during our travels.

Well the Twitter Party on Saturday night (8pm/8am Sunday morning in Perth, Australia) was a complete success and we had so much fun we only had time to announce 4 winners. So without further adieu please find our list of winners. Congratulations to you all and for those who didn't win, thank you so much for participating and joining us on our journey. 


Family Pass to Legoland Malaysia US$162 each

Alexandra Enero Amanda Anderson

Jessica Burke Katie Daniels

Ava Macauley

Jen McNab

Enid Mercado

Korina Ivatt

Alicia Henderson

CoreyAnn Khan

Jacki Harris

Kathryn Fronda

Double pass to Xel-Ha | Xcaret | Xplor US$534

Carmen Anderson

Caye Caulker Day Sail for 2 people

Robin Smith

Weeks free car rental

Adam Lukaszewicz

$200 Voucher for iFly

Katie Daniels

Family Pass @ Jungle Island

Jenna Kvidt

Family Pass @ Chessington

Jean Aurice Reyes

Off The Eaten Track Tour for 2 @ Food Tours Malaysia

Cheryl MacDonald

12x One Year Subscriptions- Real Family Travel Mag

Instagram Winners

sunshinesiestas (Cat)

asouthernwriter (Joyce Jefferson)

youbloodytourist (Anthony Braybrooke)

walkingontravels (Walking On Travels)

luvingvacation (Toi Masters)

tammyonthemove (Tamara Lowe)

suburbancrafty (Laura)

peta1980 (Trycia Miller)

wippermonkey (Paul Rogerson)

kristytayla (Kristy Taylor)

coloradodaria (Daria Giron)

theqfamily (Amy Q)

iPad Mini from HomeAway

Lisa Chavis

2 night + breakfast @ Hilton Phuket

Salma Jafri

2 nights + 24 golf cart hire @ Xanadu Island Resort

Charli Moore

Buy One Week Get One Free @ Bali Villa Montego

Raegan Phillips

$100 Voucher for Roomorama

Keryn Means

Samantha Jaroka

Liz Wright

Manduca Baby Carrier from Manduca Australia & Fertile Mind

Jade Leung Simone Hallewell

Manduca Baby Carrier from Windelkinder

Elizabeth Mcleish

10x Discover.Share.Inspire E-Book- Living Deliberately: How to Create a Ridiculously Awesome Life

Email Winners (before the @):











5x The Nomadic Family E-book- Saving for a Dream

Bonus Twitter Party Winners:




@JessicaDiRamio  @wagnorsabroad


Next step: You will be contacted via Facebook or Email in regards to your prize, asking for your full name and email address, so we may pass your details onto the sponsor, who will send you your prize. If you do not hear from us by Tuesday 7th May 2013, please email us. If we do not hear from you within 2 weeks then the prize will be redrawn and you will no longer be able to claim your prize. So act fast, you don't want me giving it away to someone else!

For all terms and conditions, please click here. 

Congratulations again.

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"I respond to every comment by direct private email. I look forward to your feedback" -

Yay--Thanks!! I've been wanting to visit Jungle Island for awhile now--it's not to far from where we live :) Looking forward to it! Congrats on the 365 days of blogging!

Jenna May 5th, 2013

So excited waiting for my email. :)

Korina Ivatt May 6th, 2013

Thanks again for a great Twitter Party and congratulations on your 365 days on the road! I look forward to using the Off the Eaten Track Tour in Kuala Lumpur!

Cheryl May 6th, 2013

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