The Only Place to Stay When Visiting This Tropical Island

Xanadu Island Resort, Ambergris Caye – The Only Place to Stay When Visiting This Tropical Island

Ambergris Caye, Belize By

Have you ever stayed at a resort and wanted to stay forever? It ticks all your boxes. Beach with palm trees. Pool with shade. Proper little cabins, not just rooms. You don’t even want to leave the resort to visit your new tropical island, because staying has to be better, is better.


It was an epic journey. We had travelled by bus nearly 5 hours and then speed boat nearly 2 hours. Immigration and customs nearly an hour. We had left home about 8:30am and the taxi cab delivered us to our final destination around 6:30pm. We arrived just in time for a tropical island Valentine sunset.

The dirt track through beautiful palm trees was lush and welcoming. The little office was super friendly and very helpful. Bags were delivered to our room, tropical punch was gulped down in relief and then we were at the room.

Xanadu is a beautiful eco-friendly resort on Ambergris Caye, Belize. It's home to 18 fully equipped condominium apartments. The resort’s buildings are all domes – fireproof, soundproof & hurricane proof – featuring thatched roofs and wooden decking complete with relaxing stretchy, swinging hammocks.


We were led upstairs to the most amazing 3 bedroom beachside villa I have ever seen. It’s all circular. The curvy staircase to the upper rooms provided a little fear for our little ones, but they coped very well with them. A lounge room, a fully equipped kitchen, 3 bathrooms and all the modern conveniences like cable, wifi, etc.

Mia claimed the hammock outside and any time we were home we would often spot her through the window enjoying her cave time alone in the hammock.


Our second night we were moved to a 2 bedroom apartment right on the beach. The ocean was less than ten steps from our door and the views were phenomenal. This too had plenty of room for everyone and I love the circular rooms, so different and inviting. The kids had a great nap that second day while we enjoyed the sun lounges and hammock on our verandah steps from the ocean.


Our first 3 days in Belize we spent at Xaandu, only leaving to eat. They do not have a restaurant or bar, however you can get soda and water there and they are next door to many restaurants and supermarkets. They also provide bikes free of charge to get you around the island faster. Both mornings we enjoyed taking the kids on a short bike ride to George’s Kitchen for breakfast.

Other then food we spent all day, everyday in their pool. It’s a beautiful heated swimming pool with a convenient kids section and a deeper section for the adults. My kids made plenty of friends and never wanted to leave. We also made great friends and enjoyed the socializing at the pool.

If that is way too much relaxation for you then try there other options, do a bike ride or take a free kayak out into the ocean and snorkel the reef. Walk the pier and spot the stingrays and fish. Walk the beach in search for delicious coconuts. Or head to their tour desk and book in a snorkel tour or a tour to Mayan ruins or many other options.




On our last day in Xanadu we checked out and left our luggage with the front desk, and spent the entire day in the pool. We seriously were having trouble denying reality, that the end was here. The three days of relaxation had our whole family in a super fine mood and our minds, spirits and bodies in pure bliss.

Xanadu lived up to it’s name - 'idyllic, beautiful place' and I cannot recommend it more highly. Check out their Facebook page or book online at their website for your slice of idyllic paradise.

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Love the pictures. The resort room looked so homely great. Mia in the hammock great pic. Caius in the bike looking so thoughtful

Karin Feb 20th, 2013

Please inform me of any special rates. I have made over a dozen trips before and like to compare best rates.

Terry Choate Feb 20th, 2013

Looks absolutely ideal! and I love that they have kiddie seats on the bikes. :)

Bethaney - Flashpacker Family Feb 20th, 2013

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