How Do You Know You’re in a Luxury Hotel in Istanbul?

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During our visit to Istanbul we made the smart choice of staying 5 nights at the Eresin Crown Hotel which, for us, has set the benchmark on luxury hotels.


The Eresin Crown Hotel was built on a rich historical site that contained ancient ruins and integrated these to become the first hotel museum in the world. It contains archeological pieces that date back many centuries and these create a unique ambience unlike anywhere else. When walking through the lobby decorated with ancient columns or standing on the mosaic floor found in the restaurant, you can’t help but be transported to another time. 

Our family indulged in the lavish family Hipodromme Suite, which included an interconnecting room for the kids. One room had a dining, living room, bathroom and bedroom, while the second room consisted of a bedroom and bathroom. The suite was elegantly furnished, and well laid out, providing so much room we could actually live comfortably. 

What sets a luxury hotel apart from a regular hotel? I’d love to share a few of my favourites that really stood out making Eresin Crown Hotel the place to stay while in Istanbul, even for families.

The Doorman Knows Your Name

When you walk into the Eresin the doorman greets you by your name. As do nearly all the staff from the reception to the waiters at the restaurant. You feel like a welcomed guest rather then just ‘that paying customer’. The hospitality was second-to-none, and elevated the hotel experience to a new level.


Complimentary Goodies

It’s not every hotel that showers you with goodies that make you feel wanted and thought about. The Eresin is skilled when it comes to providing extras that make you feel like a VIP.

We were spoiled rotten with the most luscious fresh fruit basket in both our room and the kids interconnecting room, which provided days worth of yummy, healthy snacks. There was also a tray of delicious Turkish nuts to nibble on and a bowl of delicious, authentic Turkish delight. It was the first thing I ate on our entry into Turkey. Oh, and I musn’t forget the thoughtful bottles of water provided daily.


Of course we had all the bathroom conveniences including shampoos, conditioners, sewing kits, shower caps, shaving sets, toothbrush sets and more.



It the generous goodies continued with a beautiful, authentic Istanbul purse, a stunning book outlining the gorgeous artifacts in the building complete with striking pictures as well as decadently delicious chocolate-covered coffee beans.



A luxury hotel can either provide complete serenity and isolation or can be found in the best part of town. For our stay at the Eresin Crown we could not have picked a better location. The iconic Blue Mosque was just mere minutes walk away, as was the tram stop for easy access to the river or to Taksim Square.

There were plenty of restaurants located right outside it’s doors, as well as markets and even playgrounds. We never felt the need for a taxi, just used our two feet and sometimes our stroller.


What’s in your room?

When I imagine luxury I usually think of a bubble bath and a good book. I did this more then once at the Eresin. I couldn’t resist. I am not usually one for baths, but the Eresin had an amazingly luring spa bath, which kept the temperature perfectly consistent and the bubbles fluffed. It was heaven after those warm days walking the streets of Istanbul.

It also made a great bonus for our kids who seem to think a bath is one of life’s greatest moments.

Of course the plasma TV with English channels is a handy bonus in Turkey and it’s always nice to have super cold air-conditioning to cool you down after a hot Turkey day.

Luxury, lavishness, extravagance, indulgence. It’s something that occasionally you just want to plan into a vacation to make it a “dream-come-true” moment and the Eresin didn’t disappoint. From businessmen to newly-weds to families, this hotel seems to meet everyone’s expectations and I for one felt so at home, I asked if I could stay forever.

We have been saying it over several posts now that Turkey needs to be on your bucket-list. It’s easy for me to recommend that you choose this beautiful hotel as your home base while you are in Istanbul, and your bucket-list will never be the same. 

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This place looks live heaven. I am fairly certain I could get used to that kind of travel pretty quickly!

Alysia Sep 21st, 2013

Ohh your poor kids, how will they ever go back 'home' with these amazing types of experiences. You'll have to lay out snacks and bubble bath like this everyday for them :)

Mrs. Chasing the Donkey Sep 23rd, 2013

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