Bali Bird Park Worth It?

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Hello again.

Today Josh said he could take a few hours off and we could do something as a family. As my good friends arrive next week we wanted to do something that wasn’t on their list of things to do so we decided to hit the Bali Bird Park.


The Bali Bird Park is located 15 mins (40km/per hr) from our place in Ubud. I remember going here as an 18 year old and being bored crazy, but we thought the kids would enjoy all the different varieties and colours.

It has certainly improved and so has the price.

$23.50 for adults. Children 2 – 12 $11.50. Kids under 2 free. It was easy to find, the signage was clear and parking was free. They also had a security guard ushering us to a spot and monitoring the parking.

We missed most of the shows, but the kids loved it. So many different coloured parrots, flamingos and birds. Included in the price is a reptile park next door, which Mia loved. She is fascinated with crocodiles and they had many. We also got to hold iguanas, komodos, a tortoise… anything. Caius even got to ride the tortoise!


We headed to the restaurant for photo ops with some of the star birds and we stayed as they had a giant play area for children. Books, colouring in, ride ons, doll house, it was fabulous. The kids played for an hour while we enjoyed a very relaxing lunch. Prices were a bit more then a typical café, but not bad. $5 Indonesian food. $4 kids pizza. Free cokes with all meals. Josh got rice and chicken, I got nasi goring, we got french fries, kids Pinocchio pizza (yes see the pictures for that one), 2 milkshakes and 3 cokes for just under $30. Again we did not eat everything, so dinner tonight is covered.

The kids got a bit ratty towards the end needing a sleep and sure enough as soon as I put them in their seatbelts and as the car started, they were dead to the world.

It was a smooth drive home and I can hear the stirrings of children starting just now 2 hours later. Time to get on our swimmers for an arvo swim, I think. Then the kids can have the leftovers for dinner, while Josh and I might try the Taco place - they deliver too.

Was it worth it? The play alone in the restaurant was worth it! It might not be as much fun for an adult, but the kids found the colours and species exciting. And for a little girl very curious about crocodiles it was a winner!


Will be very busy the next few weeks with the arrival of my best friend, so be patient with me. There will be lots of information for you, as we will be doing lots of touristy stuff, but who knows when I will find the time to write?

Until then….

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