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I love Waterbom. We don’t have much for the way of theme parks or waterslides in Perth, Australia so Waterbom is fantastic.

The day was perfect and we left Ubud at 8:30am willing to face the traffic and torture to get to Kuta. We are pro’s at driving now and while our first visit to Kuta took 2 hours we arrived at Waterbom in one hour.

This gave us an hour before our friends were still to arrive so since Ubud is not the best shopping district we set off to get some new bathers for my little one and some boardies for my big man. After successfully shopping and also filling up on my favourite Bread Talk we met our friends at the entrance at 10:30am.

Now you can get slightly cheaper tickets again at the little tour booths either side of Waterbom, but we had decided to pay with credit card so went the full amount. It’s expensive, no doubt, but I think worth it.

Adult: US$31 
Child: US$19 (2 - below 12 years old)

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The above rates do not include towel, locker, gazebo, euro-bungy, water blaster, spa services and food/beverages. Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun 9am-6pm.

You can also get a velcro bracelet with “cash” on it to use around the park. It’s waterproof so you don’t need to carry your wallet. We shared a family locker for $3.50 stuffed all our belongings in there and made off. Also note that there is more then one area of lockers, if you bypass the lockers on the left and head to the kids zone, there is another locker station there.

With over 17 slides, this park is amazing. The kids area has also been redone and our kids had a blast. Little Miss Indy was a daredevil 3 year old who wanted in on every slide by herself, no fear. My little Miss Mia, 3 year old, not so much, but still loved the water canons, pull ropes, etc. And my little Mr Caius, 2, loved the slides and water also.

The fun didn’t stop at the kids zone, we all loved the lazy river. This is a “river” that flows around the park through jungle and monkey temples. You just sit in a tube and let the tide carry you away. It’s so great after climbing the 80+ steps to the slides a few times just to float along.


The new "Climax" has yet to be anyone’s favourite with the floor dropping out from under you on the count of 3, but the new Boomerang and Superbowl and winners.

Mia was not a fan of sliding with me, apparently I am too scary, where as her daddy managed to keep her head above water, haha. Caius loved them all.

If you look at it this was if you are only going on 6 slides would have cost you $5 each time! But if you go on all 17 and some, well $1 a slide is pretty awesome. We got in at 10:30am and persevered through the sleep period and did not leave until 4pm. A whole day of water fun!

The lunch is not expensive by western standards, but not cheap by Bali standards. You can get a stamp to go out of the park and return if you wish and the street is laden with restaurants. They have just extended the food court to include sushi, Mexican and a load of others now too.

The parking is limited, but if you arrive early you will not have any issues with this. We parked there at 9:30am and didn’t leave till about 6pm. First to arrive, last to leave. Free parking.

After we left we hopped, skipped and jumped across to the Discovery Mall and went to a restaurant on the beach side. The view was amazing, as were the sitting arrangements. Below us they had table and chairs even in a pool… It’s a shame the food and drinks were pretty terrible. But it didn’t damper our day.

All in all I would recommend this to anyone. It is probably my 8th time at Waterbom and I can’t wait to go again. Even with kids it was more fun and something they will get a lot of enjoyment out of. 

P.S While in Kuta don't forget a massage. Mia got a manicure and pedicure with flowers for $6. My pedicure set me back $7 :)

P.P.S. We went back again in June with our family and had an even better time, since Miss 3 now has no fear. She was on every slide and spent all day in the water. Both slept as we walked to the massage parlour and so another perfect way to round up a day at Waterbom. Check out this blog post for cheaper Waterbom tickets!

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Forget renting a towel, bring a travel towel! 

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Here's an insider tip: buy your ticket securely online via Voyagin (recommended) and save 15% plus skip the regular ticket queue upon entry.

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Hi, thanks so much for your review, we will be travelling with similar aged children and have been looking to see if it will be worthwhile. I know this is probably a silly question but is there any risk of Bali belly there from the water? Paranoid about the kids swallowing the water there and getting sick!!


Sara Jan 7th, 2016

Hi can you please point us which booths to go fo cheapper tickets, have 3 kids with me

Aibek Aug 9th, 2016

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