Where To Eat On The Greek Islands: Kythnos

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During our visit to the Greek islands I’d have to say the food was some of the best we’ve tasted anywhere in the world… absolutely divine! So we put together a little list of all the places we tried so when you come to visit the heavenly paradise that is the Greek Islands, your belly may also share the extraordinary delight. Be prepared to be full, really full, chock full. The Greek certainly know hospitality!

It was impressive how for such a small island Kythnos offered a wide range of locally grown fresh produce. And I particularly loved the restaurants that grew their own food on a family farm – the difference was tangible.

What you have to find on Kythnos -

“Pie of Kythnos”. A sweet cheese pie set in a filo-like pastry that will have you reaching for the next one even before you finish your first.


Aria’s Menu @ Loutra

One of the best chefs on the island serves up the freshest seafood. This restaurant catches it’s own fish, grows it’s own vegetables. Everything is fresh, fresh, fresh. 

Byzantio @ Merichas

Delicious Greek food right on the beach, the fried eggplant was delicious. Mia was briefly alarmed of the decorative octopus hanging at the entry which was simply hilarious.




Araxovoli @ Loutra 

Beautiful setting right on the beach, with absolutely delightful service. The roasted lamb was so hearty and succulent. Perfect for a cool evening.


Fermina @ Merichas

Gyro overlooking the beach. The Greek know how to do gyros – with fries inside!


To Steki Tou Ntetzh @ Chora

This village is gorgeous and this restaurant really adds to the whole experience. Mixed succulent meat grill with classic Greek entrees. We left feeling completely full and even with a doggy bag too.



Melirryto Café @ Merichas 

Stopped here for some fresh juice and sweet cakes. The Pies of Kythnos are a sweet cheese pastry and were divine. Oh, and the views, fabulous! This is the perfect place to watch the sunset sipping a few drinks. If you’re looking for a vibrant nightspot on Kythnos, this is the place.


Archipelagos @ Kanala 

High above with grand views of the ocean, the service here was fabulous. I will never forget the meatballs, so juicy and big. The baby goat was a real winner too – well, we were the winners, the goat came off second best after Josh got stuck into it. 

Next stop in the Greek island food tour… Sifnos

Or perhaps you are heading to Milos, Ios or Paros?

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I really need to check out Loutra...the food looks so fresh & delicious!!

Ron | Active Planet Travels May 22nd, 2014

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