“And Now For Something Completely Different…” Ideas For Your Next Holiday

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We are all about family travel as you guessed and I love these little twists to make your next vacation, more then that. 

Think of holidays and you’ll think of lounging somewhere in the sun or exploring somewhere on a city break. That sounds like pure bliss, and it is, but sometimes you crave something extra, something with a bit more adventure.

If you find yourself nodding your head to this, here are a few suggestions of how you can do something completely different. Whether you’ve lots to spend on your holiday or are just searching for a cheap holiday idea, read on for four ways to have a unique adventure.

Volunteer Abroad

If you want to take a trip and feel an urge to get involved with a culture and participate in local life, volunteering is an excellent option. Not only that, it’s a chance to learn a different language and make friends. From teaching to farming to charitable construction work, there are loads of possibilities out there. If none of that particularly appeals to you, you can run a hostel or even help protect wildlife. Many of these options are available on work exchanges, allowing you to save money on accommodation too.


Go Glamping

For couples, friends or families looking for an adventure you might be interested in specialist campsites, or ‘glampsites’ as they’re also known. These quirky little camping experiences offer a touch of extra comfort and style to travel. There are now locations across the country where you can stay in a bow-top caravan in rural surroundings, cooking dinner on a campfire and living the good life. Yurts and tipis are also popular options and many sites have gotten quite creative with their offerings. Glampsites might appeal to you if you’re travelling with young children, due to the facilities available.

Venture into the Forest

Forest activity centres have become popular with families and are great for people who enjoy both staying active and being in the great outdoors. You can hire bikes to get around and book in for activities such as high-rope courses, rock climbing, horse riding, and kayaking. Then there are the more unusual pursuits, such as falconry and fencing (be careful!). 


Hit the Road

One type of holiday that’s always different is the good ole road trip. You could do a road trip of typical road-trip-style destinations, such as the US and its famous Route 66, or you could embark upon one of an unusual destination in Europe for road trips, such as Hungary, Romania or Turkey. Travel through mountains, take in cultures and maybe even pick up the language.

These are just a few ideas for doing something that different. Of course, if you’re an adventurer already, you might fancy the beach break or the city break instead. And who could blame you? As we said before, there’s nothing wrong with hanging around in the sun!

Adrian Gleeson is a traveller and experience junkie. He loves the thrill of being on the open road, whether it’s on a Harley, in a truck or just on foot, all as long as he has his trusty backpack with him.

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