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As I sit here in my hotel suite after one of my most favourite evenings to date I cannot help but feel abundantly blessed. I am literally lost in feelings of gratitude and amazement. Lost in a euphoric headspace where the world’s doors are opened to me and I have but to step in. If this is the purpose of the Lost World then I consider myself lost. 


Driving to Ipoh

We are delighted to be guests at the Lost World Hotel in Ipoh. We left our luxury apartment in Penang for a 2.5 hour drive to the rugged terrains of Ipoh. This British colonial city is set amongst jungled mountains and limestone caves, making it the perfect backdrop for a nature-inspired theme park. 

Both kids fell to sleep as soon as we left our house, which made for some nice quiet reading time and a quick doze. Josh drove through several downpours and miles of palm trees before taking the nearly 17MYR (AUD$5) toll off to Ipoh. The signage was easy to follow and soon we were driving through a giant parking lot and to the entrance of the Lost World Hotel. 

The staff were expecting us and we were pleased to meet with several of the marketing team from the theme park. Our bags were taken to our room and the pleasant Sheena proceeded to take us on a tour of the park. She was a wealth of information letting us know about the total 7 elements to the park, how things ran and the work that was going on (a new rollercoaster is coming!). We were delighted to be given such a great overview before we got to actually explore the park on the morrow.


Touring Lost World of Tambun

While you may realize the park has amusement rides, water slides and a petting zoo, what really stood out to me were the business services on offer. There was a natural limestone cave all set up for a conference meeting or, perhaps my next birthday. There was also a team building exercise ground with abseiling and a leap of faith jump.

Further along this delightful stone path the park had a separate element that can be bought in addition to the park tickets. It’s called the 6th Mile Tunnel. If Josh and I did not have toddlers running around our ankles we would have been on board in an instant. It’s basically a tour of a dark tunnel, in water and mud with ropes to guide you along, keeping your eyes open for creatures that lurk in the dark. We will be back to try this, it sounds positively adventurous!

As we walked around the park, my 3-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son were keeping us on our toes. They wanted to see and do everything and were only content not to, because: 
a). “We will do it tomorrow” and
b). “Wow, look what’s that?” (Nice distraction technique).

While we were talking to Sheena about the 6th Mile Tunnel beside a natural 50-foot deep lake, my son decided it was time to go swimming. Before we had even noticed he had his shorts off, diaper pulled down and was making for the lake. Our guide laughed, as I shouted at him to stop. Even funnier was his explanation of what he wanted to do, “how about this, mummy?” And he proceeded to show me several different swim strokes as an alternative to not going in the water. When he finally understood “no” we got his shorts back on and kept moving.


The tigers were feeding just as we arrived and they are beautiful creatures. Ever since our visit to the Tiger Temple in Thailand I can never forget how majestic they are. The kids saw great reptiles and birds at the petting zoo and you can even fish in the little river they have there. 

Lost World Hotel

Shortly after we were visiting the petting zoo the ominous grey clouds opened up and we opted to visit the rest on the morrow. Sheena guided us across the parking lot to the hotel and we were shown to our room on the third floor. 


“I love our new home,” Mia shouts, as her and Caius take off to jump on the bed. Josh falls in a heap on our bed after an exhausting afternoon driving, while the kids proceed to open every cupboard and try on every slipper and I pause to read all the brochures.

The executive room has two rooms. One with a sofa and spare bed made up for us, also a television. The other room has a king size bed, bar fridge, wadrobe, tv and a bathroom big enough to swing a cat in. The windows frame the beautiful views of the Lost World of Tambun with the almost unreal, lush, green mountains with faint white mist skirting the tops.

The aircon worked wonderfully for those hot Ipoh days and the fridge was useful to cool down our free bottled water. The TV channels were mostly in other languages. The only cartoon channel was not very appropriate for the kids, but there was not too much time for that anyway.

Crystal Spa

Soon it is time to get going again. I have a massage appointment at 6:30pm. Our guide is there waiting for us in the lobby and once again escorts us to the park. I leave the kids and Josh at the Italian café near the hot springs and head to the Crystal Spa. 


I wrote about my favourite massage back in KL at Thai Odyssey, but this one took the cake. I was ushered into a gorgeous little hut and advised to put on disposable bra and g-string. I then had a head and shoulders massage, followed by a back massage, legs, arms, back and head again. On top of the oil massage I was also treated to hot stones. I have never had a hot stone massage before and now I am wondering why not? Those stones were little hot rocks pounding my flesh with their smooth strokes and healing heat.

The thumping dance music from the hot springs dominated over my tranquil massage tones, but the gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) strokes of my masseuse soon lulled me into a deep, dreamlike sleepiness. I do not understand how two hours had passes so blissfully, lost in relaxation. 

Josh and the kids meanwhile had eaten dinner and gone swimming in the hot springs. They had tried all 8 springs before Josh made his way back to the hotel to let my little cherubs get lost into a deeply exhausting, but satisfying sleep.

Hot Springs

I decided since Josh had the critters under control I would try the springs myself. I ordered myself a pizza, starving from my missed lunch and massaged stomach and while waiting hit the infinity pool. The downpour of rain that had hit the Lost World of Tambun when I had entered my massage had stopped and the evening was cool, but not cold. The water was at an invigorating 40°C and was absolutely blissful. I got lost in the warm waters, sipping my freshly squeezed orange juice.


Ahead of me a man disappeared through a waterfall and I decided to follow, breaking my rule about not getting my hair wet. Through the waterfall was a Steam Cave. The natural limestone cave with the hot spring inside created an organic steam room. I breathed deeply lost in the warm cozy surrounds and witnessed my 2 weeks of sore throat invariably subside with nature’s healing cure.

Heading back outside the cave I made my way out of the pool and stood dripping wet. Josh had all the towels and since the night was not cold I decided it didn’t matter and popped my dress back on. I grabbed my super hot pizza, wolfed down two slices and then decided to head back to the hotel lost in my moment of bliss. For a hungry woman the pizza was a tantalizing satisfaction.


With both my sweethearts asleep, I relived my evening with Josh before he told me his. And now here I sit in my beautifully furnished suite typing this story for you. The kids are top and tale in a single bed in the next room, lost in dreams and the sweet things kids dream of before knowing tomorrow is theme park day.

And me? I am still lost. Not lost in spirit or soul or confusion. But lost in happiness, appreciation, gratitude, contentment and relaxation. And now I am going to be lost to sleep too.

Can’t wait for what tomorrow’s theme park visit will bring and if I’m lucky I might get lost in those hot springs again. Goodnight. 

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Looks like you could have spent a few more days here! Lovely.

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Looks like a great break!

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Hey Bender,

A very informative post and great pics on Lost World! Do check out our post on Lost World Hot Springs and Spa as well!

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