A Travelling Mum Without Her Family In Ireland: Day 2

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Despite not having any kids or husband to wake me up in the morning I still had a reasonably early morning – bummer! I was able to get dressed so quickly without two little ones to dress and a husband to hurry. That was relatively novel, but I missed their climbing on me and my morning cuddle. I also decided I needed to call them at first opportunity and tell them I missed them and loved them. Whenever that might be.

Breakfast time

The Zetland hotel pulled out all the stops for a lovely Irish breakfast. Still full from the day before I attempted some of it and every mouthful was delicious. Our friendly host was back and started giving everyone a bottle of his or her very own whiskey to take home. I’m not sure how many made it home, but it was a gracious gesture and I, still have mine… Do you like whiskey?


Crash course in Cashel House

We arrived back at Cashel House to meet the rest of our party and listened to a quick talk on the house and it’s history. Group photos with our photographer and then back on our bus for another ripper of a day.

My kids would have loved that garden. Is that a playground I see out there? Do I have mobile reception yet?

Time to ride a Hooker

At the Roundstone Fishing Village sits a Galway Hooker. No it is not a she, but yes she is still open for business. The Galway Hooker is a traditional fishing boat which  was developed for the strong seas of Galway Bay and we had a choice to ride her or take a coastal walk.


Well, we all know I’m up for a bit of adventure so off I went to get life-vested up for my sailing boat advenutre.

The weather was cold and the skies dark as we descended down a slippery ladder to the Galway Hooker. Not usually a sailing day, the crew did a magnificent job of getting us down onto her and then out into the bay.

I sat at the front of the boat with my fellow travel bloggers taking pictures and talking about the whole trip. The sea air smelt wonderful and occasionaly sprayed my camera or jeans. The wind was whipping the sails around so all you could hear was the crack snap mingled with a splash against the boat.

It didn’t rain and despite the coolness the trip was rather enjoyable.

Can you image my kids on that boat? Goodness I may have had a heartattack. Plus I was slightly involved in my conversations with fellow bloggers that I may have not noticed they were missing. What sort of mum was I becoming?

Would you like some lunch?

After our windy boat ride lunch sounded like a must and I was so thankful that the Fjord Restaurant at Portfinn Lodge provided us with something light to eat. A beautiful cheese tart and salad. But then of course they went and spoiled it by providing the most wickedly delicious apple crumble. Goodbye light lunch, hello delicious dessert.

So glad my husband wasn’t stealing my apple pie and I could sit quietly and use my own phone for my own devices… like food pics! 

Time for a little adventure

Now some might be curious as to why I wasn’t doing overly family things in Galway, Ireland. Well because I could do family things with my family. It was time to get some Erin things happening. So when I saw a press trip with some time at the Killary Adventure Centre I knew that was the moment I would be waiting for.

Killary Adventure Centre is an outdoor adventure centre located in Connemara, overlooking Ireland’s only fjord. They specialise in exciting outdoor activities like fixed bungee, giant swing, laser combat, water skiing, ringo rides, zip wire, kayaking, sailing, multi task high ropes course, rock climbing, gorge walking, windsurfing and lots more.

We had a choice of activities and I decided to check out the giant swing and high ropes course. Only 3 others choose this, as the rest decided on a tamer experience. 

A swing for adults can only be a good thing

Our first activity was a giant swing. Picture a swing for kids and then a swing for adults. We watched the boys do it first, giggling as they hooted and yelled. But then it was our turn. I decided it needed to be filmed so you can experience my real terror, followed by fits of laughter.

I would of loved to have done this with my daughter, luckily it is only 8+ so I didn’t feel to bad she was missing out. 

Climbing fail

Fit from my latest cruise and the rock climbing I accomplished on board I was ready to pounce on our next challenge. Climbing a swinging rope wall. Ok so maybe I was not as fit as I thought I was. I gave up too easily and I’m ashamed. Next subject.

To be honest my favourite part of the whole thing had to be our instructor. He was a James Franco doppleganger (the Green Goblin in Spiderman) and I felt almost star-struck just being around him. Don’t you think?



Time to hit the city

After all this mud and countryside I was ready for the city. Get back to civilization. Of course luck would have it that the road to civilisation would be longer, because of the cow herd that decided they needed to walk the road. It was quite a sight following them and watching the mummy cow push her calves in a hurry. They knew exactly where to go and eventually side-stepped into a gate, back home. 

Our arrival at Radisson Blu Hotel in Galway City was greeted with a lovely reception of drinks and sushi. I managed a Red Bull & vodka to keep me going, because our day was still not over yet.


My room at the Radisson was beautiful. It brought back very fond memories. The last time I was at a Radisson was in Perth, Australia 2002 on my wedding night. I decided then and there I needed to call my family. The kids were already asleep so I spent some time speaking to my husband on the phone, so novel. But too soon I needed to say goodbye and head to dinner with our group.

I cannot fit one more thing in

We walked through the City Centre to the Latin Quarter, on the left bank of the River Corrib. The cobblestone streets are extensively pedestranised and I must say I fell in love. I knew I would be back.

Located in the Spanish Arch is Ard Bia, a iconic restaurant known for it’s authentic food and we were invited to dinner. A 3 course meal straight after sushi, I was going to struggle.

My entree of lamb parcels was delicious and took me straight back to Israel and Turkey. It was a big serving and by the time my risotto came out, I could not even eat a bite. Then the sweet pear dessert was placed before me and I managed more than a bite, of course.

I would have loved to come back here with my family, not only to finish what I started, but because the food really was delicious and would have been a delight to have eaten there again. One day. 

Another day complete

We walked back to the Radisson Blu and stopped for a nightcap downstairs before I headed to my room. Some of the much younger generation decided to hit up the Galway City nightlife, but all I could imagine was the back of my eyelids. I snuggled into my big king size bed and before I turned off the light I noticed the giant TV screen opposite my bed. There were no children in the room for me to have to be quiet and no husband already asleep. And like a teenager past curfew I turned on the Wedding Singer, turned up the volume and sunk into my bed for a good night’s sleep.



Prelude - Leaving my family for a press trip.

Day 1 - Tea & Scones, walking tour in Westport, cycling the coast, a warm place for home & eating overload.

Day 3 - Irish beaches & jigs, plus Segway tours.

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