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I Could Walk To The Colosseum In 2 Minutes From This Hotel

Arriving at midnight you can never truly appreciate the location of your hotel. But the next morning, with a tour of the Colosseum starting at 9am, we soon realised we had chosen wisely. In less than 2 minutes away, staring at us on the horizon, beckoning us with its ancient arches and calling to us with its ageless history, was the colossal Colosseum.

As the name suggests, the Retrome exudes vintage.  When the cab driver dropped us off I must admit some slight confusion at the big red door. We rang the doorbell and mystically the door unlocked.

The reception was decorated with bright Vespa helmets, vintage books and a colourful kitchenette where we were offered water or coffee. We sat on a big comfy couch while a map was provided and locations highlighted.

We were shown up to the first level to our room. Styled with vintage boutique panache and brown and cream chairs. It featured a big bed, shuttered windows and a private bathroom. They have many different room sizes to fit families and singles, but this was perfect since I was visiting with just my sister.

Wi-Fi in Rome can be pretty hard to come by, but we had no concerns with the Internet connection in the hotel. Our room sported an LCD TV, air-conditioning and even a small kitchenette just outside the room to organise our own breakfasts if desired.

While all this was lovely, the real sense of place came when we walked out the front door into the cobblestone streets of Rome. There was a gelato store at the end of the street and plenty of restaurants (some even cooking after midnight, thank goodness for us).

And then within minutes walk, the Colosseum. Every night (after 9pm in summer) we left our hotel to have a wander around the beauty of this ancient structure. It was so close and made the evening strolls an absolute delight.

We ate at 3 restaurants in the nearby vicinity and all of them were an absolute delight. Within a few streets was also the well-known Gay Street, full of atmosphere and pumping music at any time of the night, in any type of weather, under the shadow of the Colosseum.

A quick 3 to 4 minute walk and we were are at the Colosseo metro stop with direct access to the large Termini railway station. Or a ten minute walk we could find ourselves on the A-metro line with direct access to Spagna and the Trevi Fountain.

If location is key, then Retrome in Rome is king. You will not wish to be anywhere else.

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Posted by Blessing @ JetandPlay on
My daughter and I are headed to Italy next month, this is amazing information. Thank you!
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