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Malta With The Hop On Hop Off Bus - Plus Marsaxlokk Fishing Village (Part 2)

You read all about the fun we had on Gozo with Malta Sightseeing so there was no doubt to us that we would need to do a similar tour of the main island of Malta.

We had previously enjoyed a biking tour around the north of Malta on a several days prior, so we opted for the South route over the North route for our next day of hop-on-hop-off touring.

 After much internal discussion, we found it hard to agree on which stops to visit. Our kids were quite tired so we enjoyed witnessing Malta from the top of our bus. Our only stop was something we both agreed on, which was the Marsaxlokk fishing village, and I’m so glad we did. The town was simply gorgeous and the bright coloured fishing boats floating in the harbour made for perfect photos.



After giving the kids some time on a small public playground (which had just opened), we took a walk along the waterfront trying to decide on a restaurant for lunch. As you would expect, fresh fish was plentiful, although we’re usually not big fish eaters. So the kids and I tried a pasta dish and Erin chose the calamari. The food quality wasn’t outstanding but the view and location could not be beaten.  


I would have liked to visit the Tarxien Temples if we had more time, but after already seeing the Ġgantija temples on Gozo, this would have been fairly similar. On a sunny day, the Blue Grotto would be a lovely place to stop, but we skipped it as the weather was grey and stormy, which isn’t our ideal way to travel by boat.  


If you return to the Sliema terminus in the late afternoon, I highly recommend that you jump out of the bus and grab a photo of Valletta across the harbour. The view is marvellous and sunset lighting would make it a perfect panorama. I just wish I took my own advice Smile.

Overall, we enjoyed the hop-on-hop-off bus tours and they would prove to be the most convenient way to see Malta for most visitors. Buses were usually crowded because of the relatively infrequent schedule and large number of tourists that descend on Malta each year. But if you start off early and plan ahead, it will make your day flow smoother and be all that more enjoyable.

The gorgeous country of Malta has so much to see considering its size. Weather you relish history, nature, architecture, live events, food or shopping, you will find something to love. We certainly did, and look forward to visiting again in the future. 

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Posted by Michael Orobona on
I wouldn't mind visiting there just to visit 20th century points of historical interest, let alone it's more tenured historical sites.
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