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During our time on Malta we seemed to eat on the go quite a bit - so much to do with so little time. Yummy Pastizzi made for ideal snacks on the road, but when we did get a chance to stop, what we did eat was delicious. Here were our top 4 favourite meals during our time in Malta. 

Bad Ass Café

Nestled in the heart of Valetta, we were immediately drawn in by the attitude-laden name of this café and the drool-inducing poster of a towering burger. My husband’s salvia glands started working overtime and we knew we had to indulge.

We loved everything about this café. The convenient location on Old Theatre Street was opposite a spacious plaza where the kids could run and chase pudgy pigeons. The owner was very hospitable and it seemed the menu would challenge even the grandest of appetites.

We completely grasped the concept of their generous portions sizes when we tried our hand at a round of the unusual milkshakes, which were served in huge old fashion milk bottles.


That’s a lot of milkshake! Josh was the only way to completely down his, a Banofee Pie milkshake. I chickened out of the Red Bull milkshake, thank goodness. At that size I may have been wide-awake for a week.

Next it was burger time. Josh decided on The Obama with Angus beef, lettuce, onion, tomato, cheese, bacon, onion relish, Mary Rose sauce and fries.

I decided to try one of their newer burgers, The Forestor with Angus beef, mushrooms, brie, crispy onions, sweet chilli sauce, tomato and lettuce. Accompanied by a side of sweet fries.

Look at those pictures? Do I even need to describe the mouth-watering, plump, juicy patty with the oozing melted cheese and crispy crunchy bacon? It’s what all burgers should aspire to be. Most that try will fail, as this is the king of burgers and not easily shown up.

The kids enjoyed their cheeseburger, I managed half of my burger, and not even Josh could finish his Obama (that doesn’t happen often). It’s safe to say these burgers were Badass and the best on the island.

Palazzo Prince D’Orange

One night we were invited to the Palazzo Prince D’Orange for a home cooked meal by talented local chef, Alex Mattei. The cooking and dining took place in the spacious hotel penthouse. Our food was prepared by Pippa and served to us by her son, Alex. Pippa has published two cookbooks about Maltese cooking and is an expert.

Our dining experience followed a traditional Maltese Spring menu, and first up was Kusksu. This was my favourite dish of the night. Fresh broad beans, peas, potatoes and onions combined into the most delicious soup, topped with Maltese ġbejna (fresh goat’s cheese).


Next we dined on traditional Maltese pies – a ricotta cheese pie with a short crust pastry and also a spinach and tuna pie with puff pastry. Both were served warm.

During dinner we enjoyed a superior Chardonnay of Malta, Isis. This especially made a great touch with our dessert of Maltese strawberries and cream.

After all that we were also surprised with a Victoria sandwich birthday cake for Caius who had turned 4. It was a beautiful touch and one my son found very tasty. Two cakes for one birthday, how spoilt!

Djair il-Bniet

We shared briefly on our meal at this new restaurant in our tour of Malta post. Our group first shared a traditional Maltese platter with a variety of cheeses, dips, sausage, olives and bread. I enjoyed this platter immensely and could easily have snacked on that for the entire lunch.

For the main course Josh enjoyed cannelloni, while I feasted on ravioli. The ravioli was a little dry for my liking, but I tried Josh’s cannelloni and the kids lasagne were al dente.

This restaurant focuses on gathering the best local produce to ensure the best possible quality. The kids favourite part of this restaurant was the lady who was decorating cakes for Easter. My daughter spent a long time watching her, eagerly wanting to get her mits into them. 

Grand Hotel Excelsior

The hotel we so loved during our stay in Malta put on an outstanding breakfast each morning that often kept us going all day. A chef was on hand to cook an omelette or waffles, there was an abundance of fruit and pastries, cereal and so much more.


On top of this my son was given a chocolate cake for his birthday, which was enough to put anyone in sugar heaven. It was a super moist chocolate mousse cake, and we all had an enjoyable time trying to polish it off over the 5 days.

We also did avail ourselves to room service one evening when the kids were asleep.


What a variety – burgers, Italian and traditional Maltese cuisine. There are so many scrumptious places to eat in Malta, and these were just 4 favourites from our limited time. Food lovers will not be disappointed by the range and quality of dining to be discovered on this enchanting island nation. 

Malta tip: Check out the latest ferry prices from Valletta (Malta) to Catania (Italy).

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That burger looks amazing!

Britany Robinson Jun 6th, 2014

Everything in fact looks amazing!! I think I've been to Grand Hotel Excelsior when I was a kid, looks very similar to a place I stayed at :)

Illia Jun 6th, 2014

Everything looks amazing! I'm not sure what kind of food they eat in Malta but I'll take every single one, especially that cake.

Samantha Jun 7th, 2014

Those burgers look incredible! And that Red Bull milkshake sounds dangerous.

Emme Jun 11th, 2014

Burgers & milkshakes you can get anywhere and the last thing I would eat in Malta. Their cuisine is flavorful and delicious. I am Maltese (both parents and grandparents were) but born in America. Just visited Malta for the first time in 2019 at the age of 70. Wish I had gone much sooner!

Catherine Bonello-Sommer Nov 15th, 2020

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