The World’s Tallest Water Coaster: Do You Dare?

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Looking down, the fellow waterpark guests looked like tiny ants. 

I gulped as I stood on top of the world waiting for that moment. Waiting for the all clear. 

Why is anticipation always the hardest part?

If you know anything about this blog you should know that I am a bit of an adrenalin junkie. So when Galveston asked if I would be interested in taking a ride on the world’s tallest water coaster, who was I to refuse?

In fact, I was first in the queue… Until I reached the top.

Where Is Galveston?

South of Houston is an island city on the gulf coast of Texas, called Galveston. Or as I fondly called it: Pleasure Island Smile It’s the perfect place for a fun family vacation! 

Where To Stay?

I’d have to recommend the only hotel located in the heart of the historic Strand. Tremont House exudes old world charm mixed with modern conveniences. Although the hotel’s Italianate architecture creates an intimidating entrance, the staff were super friendly so I almost forget the impeccable elegance and felt right home.

I loved the rooms, they were large featuring a sitting area and a super comfortable bed. Every element spoke elegance and luxury. But my favourite part of the room, other than the views was the light switch. A panel board right beside the bed, which turned every light off with the touch of a button. Best feeling in the world is sinking into bed, worst feeling is forgetting the lights. No worries here. 

Where To Eat?

If you didn’t know, us Australians eat lamb. Almost like a staple. And the US don’t. Galveston brought back my faith in the US and its meat. Usually the best lamb can be found at Greek restaurants, but I found quite local eateries in Galveston with lamb on the menu in.

My favourite restaurants were:

Rooftop Bar

2300 Ships Mechanic Row, Galveston, TX

I was so bummed that the rain cancelled my evening of cocktails with the girls on the only rooftop bar in Galveston. The rooftop looked amazing views and I still recommend a visit. Instead we ended up in the bar downstairs with the most incredible cheese platter and plenty of good cocktails.

Olympia Grill at Pier 21

2100 Harborside Drive, Galveston, TX

Lamb so beautiful I could have cried! This authentic Greek restaurant does nearly everything by the book… then adds a twist. As if the food isn’t flawless enough, it’s location on the pier offers fabulous views of Galveston’s harbour.

Sunflower Bakery & Café

512 14th Street, Galveston, TX

Absolutely adorable! This family-owned restaurant and bakery crafts perfectly cooked eggs benedict… but the waffles are even better!

BLVD Seafood

2804 Avenue R ½, Galveston, TX

My chance for more lamb! I know it’s a seafood restaurant, but I couldn’t resist. And to boot, the staff in this place are some of the friendliest you will ever meet. Unassuming from the frontage, but once inside I was surprised by the modern interior, as well as the gorgeous ocean views.

Any cocktail with bacon on it must be awesome!

What To Do?

If you are still looking for more fun after riding the world’s tallest water coaster, then consider a visit to:

Moody Gardens

1 Hope Boulevard, Galveston, TX

A deceiving name that might have your kids confused since Moody Gardens is a lot more than just gardens. There is an aquarium, tropical rainforest, botanical gardens, Discovery Museum, 3D & 4D theatres, golf course, water park, ropes course and zip line, historic paddlewheel boat and the Moody Gardens Hotel. Plus, not one, but two pyramids!

Sea Scout Base Galveston

7509 Broadway Ave., Galveston, TX

Possibly one of the cheapest places you will find to enjoy time on the water. It’s hard to describe exactly what this place does, but briefly it’s a community-based sailing club where you can learn to sail or just enjoy one of their many events like a dinner and sunset sail.

Bryan Museum

1315 21st Street, Galveston, TX

While it’s not my thing, American history buffs may find themselves in heaven. This beautiful building houses the largest collection of Southwestern artefacts in the world. With 70,000 items spanning 12,000 years, it includes treasures ranging from ancient Native American cultural artefacts to 21st century pieces. There is a bonus kids play cave in the basement – make sure they check it out!

But Now… The Ups & Downs Of The World’s Tallest Water Coaster

MASSIV is the world's tallest water coaster at 24.86 metres (81 ft 6.72 in) in height.It’sbrand new and fits right at home at Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Water Park

Before the long climb to the top you have to step on a scale at the bottom. This is a terribly demeaning procedure that will cause any girl slight anguish while you wait for the light to flash red or green.

But once you get over that its onwards and upwards. Oh yes, it’s a long climb to the top with views as far as the eye can see. Standing on the top level is nerve racking, but before you have time to consider whether a climb back down will be worth it, the green light gives you the go.

The ride was a lot slower than I expected, but that meant I had plenty of time to take in the views and even more time to dread the triple drop at the end.

What makes it a water coaster? Well, water slides go down, while water coasters also go up. Yup, this ride has three uphill segments. 

Much like MASSIV, Galveston is a thrill ride just perfect for families to come and enjoy themselves. It’s like visiting Santa Monica Pier in LA or England’s Brighton Pier, but with a convenient location in the heart of Texas. This also means you’ll never go hungry. #nomnomnom

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I don't think I am up to the worlds tallest water coaster. I bet it was so much fun! Thanks for including the restaurants. That cocktail is just yum!

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