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Northwest, USA

Photography Tour Around The Redwoods & Oregon Coast

The Redwoods in Northern California and Southern Oregon’s coast are 2 natural treasures that have to seen to be believed. 

You’ll find the world’s tallest trees stretching to over 350 feet (106 metres), as well as tranquil well-worn earthen pathways below. Walking in the shadows of these ancient giants stirs the soul, compelling a response of awe and wonder.

On our recent Pacific Northwest road trip we stopped at the Redwood National and State Parks. And while we were in the region we spent an afternoon relaxing on a secret beach with friends in Southern Oregon.

Tip: We stayed in Crescent City for easy access to the coast and the Redwoods.

Tip 2: Get the kids prepared with this gorgeous book, Redwoods by Jason Chin. Our kids loved it!

Now come along for a journey with us through The Redwoods and Oregon Coast and be inspired.

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Posted by Mary on
Beautiful! I remember walking around and thinking how dwarfed Jeff was standing in the middle of all those magnificent and towering trees! Helps you realize how small we all are, even people like Jeff and Josh:)
Posted by Alisha Paul on
Awesome redwoods!! Oregon is very nice place...i love this post only because of its beauty. Nature beauty is my weakness.
Posted by Brandon on
Wow! Those are some amazing pictures! I love the redwood forests and can't wait to come back, next time with a better camera. :)
Posted by Dianne on
Where is that beautiful beach located? I would love to have a great day like that with my family when we visit Oregon next month!
Posted by Deana on
We are going to Oregon this July and trying to plan our stops. We will be traveling down 101 and then eventually head back to Portland. We would love to see and hike through the beautiful Redwoods in your pics. Having trouble finding exactly where to go. Could you give sugggestions. Thanks!
Posted by Walater on
Nice pictures, would be even nicer if they had captions telling us where exactly these spots are.
Maybe something to add in the future?
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