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You know we love our food and a stay in Poznan, Poland wouldn’t have been complete without visiting a few Polish favourites. We didn’t just stick to traditional food, but tried a few local fine-dining restaurants too. 

Poznan, may not be as well known as it’s sibling cities Warsaw and Krakow, but I am convinced it’s culinary scene could set, match and win.

Here are our 5 favourite places we visited during our week in Poznan.

Pyszna (Delicious Kitchen)

Located in the heart of Old Town Square, with tables outside overlooking the markets and fascinating people, Pyszna is where we tasted our first piergoies.

They serve them extra large here and we were quite surprised, after ordering 3 savoury pierogies and 2 sweet pierogies in sets of 3, how full we were.

The “wet” perogies were my favourite, while the chicken-filled fried perogie a close second. The kids adored the apple and cinnamon pierogies, while the strawberry ones were actually quite tart.

After tasting smaller street perogies I did find these just a little too big, but the flavours were there and as far as entry to Polish food goes, it’s a delicious kitchen.

Hotel HP Park Restaurant

After half a day walking around the zoo we had worked up quite an appetite. We took the Maltanka Railway around the Lake Malta and then jumped in a taxi to Hotel HP Park. This fine dining hotel restaurant which commands magnificent views of Malta Lake also had a small play area with toys to keep the kids amused. Along with their crunchy potato pancakes, our kids were very happy campers.

After craving red meat for so long I finally decided to order Argentinian steak. I ordered it Medium and it came out well done. Still not a massive fan of blood I gave it a try and found it to be soft and juicy. The presentation was just so inviting. While my main didn’t hit the mark perfectly, Josh ordered a Polish specialty – Pork Knuckle.

This pork literally fell off the bone. It was tender, the sauce was tantalizing and he marks it as his favourite meal in Poland.

A large helping of crème brulee helped Josh be in foodie heaven, while I indulged in a hot apple strudel. 


Taking a wander through Citadel Park was relaxing and scenic. Umberto is tucked away in the centre beside fighter jets from the Army Museum and a decent-size playground. Hidden amongst flowers and vines, this café serves up delectable cuisine.

The kids ordered ham and pineapple pizza, devouring a whole one each. Going healthy, I decided on a salad of Gorgonzola, walnuts, cucumber and lettuce. While Josh elected for a carb intake of pasta.

A beautiful setting that my mother and grandmother would of fallen in love with and some appetizing meals. 

Zielona Weranda Caffe & Ristorante

Just a short walk from Old Market Square, hidden down a non-descript shopping alley is this surprisingly charming café. The decorations change regularly and we happened upon different colour papers simply stapled to make cones and hung upside down from the ceiling. The effect was enchanting and would make the perfect baby shower decorations. The garden was lush and aromatic, the interior tastefully decorated.

We visited with our guide Marta and her family. She encouraged me to try a Polish white wine with berries. It was light with sparkles that tickled the tongue and an aroma that pleased the palette.

Josh and the kids opted for milkshakes. They were very generous in size and neither child finished.

I decided on a salad again after seeing a hot chicken salad with camembert and cucumber. The result was outstanding. A massive lettuce cup filled with delicious salad goodness. I didn’t finish it, but I wished I could of.

Josh was still full from days of eating and rarely made it to dessert, so opted to head straight for a meringue cake, skipping his mains. Crispy on top and soft in the flesh, it was a winner.

The table was supplied with complimentary fresh bread and dressings.

You can’t visit Poznan without visiting this restaurant. It had a soothing atmosphere and food that was fresh, organic and mouthwatering.

Gospoda Pod Koziotkami

On our last day in Poland we decided to go for more traditional Polish food and headed to this restaurant in the heart of Old Town Square. It was a Sunday afternoon and all the outdoor tables were booked so we headed inside.

Our waitstaff was a bit slow and seemingly unhappy in the job, because we never saw a smile.

However the kitchen staff must of loved their job because the food came out hot and delicious.

Stuffed cabbage rolls.

Sour soup.


Yep, we had our Polish fill.

There was some confusion at the end with the bill and the manager had to attend. Josh ended up paying the full amount since we enjoyed the food, but we determined to forgo any tip. 

During our stay we enjoyed buffet breakfast at our hotel with delicious Polish sausage. We ate several dinners also in our room opting for a simple sandwich or cup of soup since we ate so much during the day. One evening we did venture to Galeria Malta shopping mall where I was reunited with tacos after a 3-month abstinence, it was delicious. 

Street food was another big plus for us. You could get sausages, potatoes and vegetables to go, faster and yummier then any McDonalds meal.

We desperately wanted to hit the Dark restaurant, but felt the kids would not enjoy the pitch-black fun. There were also several Polish dishes and “milk bars” we never got around to trying. So we’ll have to come back another time and continue foraging. 

There was so little time to visit every place we wanted to, but we hope at least these 5 will help you get started on Poznan’s expansive culinary scene. Anywhere else you’d add to this list?

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With a zoo, new history museum and butting goats, it sounds like there's lots in Poznan for kids (and big kids) to enjoy :-).

Sand In My Suitcase Jul 9th, 2014

Again yum yum yum

Karin Jul 14th, 2014

I live in Poznań and I don't know about these restaurants. Thanks!

pop321 Jul 14th, 2014

hey! I am glad u enjoyed Poznan :) I was born in this town, but currently living in Spain. After reading your post Im missing Poland hehe :)

Kris Mar 3rd, 2015

I love Pierogies and cabbage rolls! Everything in your photos looks delicious and it looks like the restaurants have great atmospheres to dine in.

Passport Couture Apr 23rd, 2015

Wow, it looks so great! I have been to Poland few times, but never in Poznan. I think I need to chatch up and go there next time, because it looks really interesting:) I usually stay in Warsaw, because my friends live there. I love discovering all the great restaurants there. My favourite spot in Warsaw is actually a bar and restaurant in one - it is called Bubbles. Their specialty are champagnes and wined from all over the world, but their food is also incredible. I go there everytime with my friends and we always leave so delighted and full :)

Alan Jun 21st, 2017

Everything looks amazing - I definitely need to include Poznan on my future go-to list, it seems like a really amazing city. I go to Poland quite often, but as I have a family in Warsaw I usually spend my entire trips there. I need to change that :) Fortunately, Warsaw has really interesting culinary scene, there are some amazing restaurants there too. One of my favourites is the Akademia - a restaurant with Polish food, quite romantic and elegant. I always go there for family meetings, and every single dish that I have tried there was excellent!

Carla Oct 3rd, 2017

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