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Toddlers Love the Port of Lost Wonder

When Daddy says you can go on a pirate ship, you can go on a pirate ship!


Previously the hotel had told us the Port of Lost Wonder was open until 6pm. We had arrived at 5pm one day to find it actually stopped accepting people at 4pm.  There were many tears from my daughter who saw it, but never got to go in. Josh is a man of his word and since he promised his daughter a pirate ship he was going to deliver.

We got up early this morning, packed our bags, checked out of the hotel and headed straight for the Port of Lost Wonder, catching the monorail and taking a short walk left of Beach Station. The waterpark opens at 10am, arriving at 9:45am we waited for just over 15 minutes to get our tickets. Luckily they provide free Wifi and we could access it even outside the gates. Our first taste of wifi anywhere in Singapore.

10am on the dot we grabbed our tickets, first in the door and ready to give the kids the time of their life for the hour we had before we had to be in a taxi on our way to the airport.

Mia was straight into the water fun. Going down slides, squirting people with water guns, splashing adults and kids and running screaming after the hordes of other children. Caius was tired and only wanted to play if Mummy & Daddy were with him.

The place is awesome, there are tables and chairs for adults around the whole ship. There is a shop and a restaurant. There is free wifi. And there are programs. All day they have different activities: treasure hunts, art and craft classes, etc.

The cost of entry was $6 each child, adults free, unlimited play time. Honestly I think we could have stayed there all day or until early arvo before nap time anyway.

I thought it was well priced and a really great time for the kids. It got busy and I was concerned there would be shoving and mishaps, but the staff were attentive in playing and monitoring the kids and overall I have to say this is definitely one to take your toddlers too!

11am we had to drag Mia away from the Pirate Ship. We jumped on a passing tram back to Beach Station took the Monorail back to Waterfront station, walked to our hotel, ordered a taxi – out came a mini bus and for $50 drove us to the airport. 

We had a quick lunch but before long our flight was boarding. I got to watch half a TV show & less than one hour later we were landing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Did I mention this flight was free on an Air Asia sale? Just paid for the taxes and baggage… About $100 for 4 people. Welcome to Malaysia, home of Air Asia!

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