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Sri Lanka

Cinnamon Air Scenic Flight: A Bird’s Eye View Of Sri Lanka

As I rounded the corner and spotted the water my heart skipped a beat. I’ve been on plenty of planes in my life so I had to admit my excitement levels were low. But that’s when I spotted her. Bobbing in the water. A seaplane. I had never been on a seaplane and suddenly the idea of a scenic flight sounded like a bucket list item… One that I only just discovered I had 2 minutes prior.

During my blogging trip around Sri Lanka we had been given the chance to win different prizes through various competitions. I had entered a writing competition and was tweeted by Cinnamon Air one morning congratulating me on winning a scenic air flight. What a shock!

I fly a lot, but never for fun. So this idea of a scenic flight didn’t really compute. Luckily my new friend Kerwin came along and his excitement for all things aviation really got my motor running.

And then there was the plane. We arrived at a very small airport in Sri Lanka and there out on the water was an amphibious plane. My excitement levels just went up a few notches. 

We divided into two groups and, being part of the first group, I hopped in the tiny cabin. The take off was so smooth I barely realised we were in the air, but it was obvious looking the vicious white wash of water that melted away under our feet.

The coastline of Sri Lanka was beautiful and being on a plane that low to the ground, where you could actually enjoy the window views, was thrilling. But it was those tight turns that put the butterflies in my tummy. A thrill I hadn’t experienced since the last roller coaster I sat on. 

The ride was short and before I knew it we were landing. Again, it barely registered we had hit the water it was so smooth. 

There were benefits to be part of two groups, because as the second group lifted into the sky we got to take photos and footage of the whole process. While I sat on the water’s edge awaiting our second group I pondered over this marvellous experience. I was so thankful for the chance to see this beautiful corner of Sri Lanka from above.  Just like an untouchable goddess, above it all.

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Posted by Eric @ Poplar Travels on
This sounds like a great experience! I've never taken a seaplane before but I have been in an amphibious helicopter. Landing in the water is always exciting. :)
Posted by on
Flying over Sri Lanka gives you a refreshing feeling, every time you do that... ! I hope you enjoyed the ride well. You can see the entire texture of the island nation in this adventure. Green in the middle brown in the shore . and blue away.. Keep travelling.
Posted by Praveen Mendis on
Seems like you guys had great flight out there...really amazing to see the pictures...i am eagerly waiting for my turn,
Posted by Christ on
You must have had lots of fun during the sea plane ride..It looks simply beautiful!!
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