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Bangkok's Exclusive Countdown

We found so much to do in Bangkok; I decided to repeat our countdown list like we did for Bali. We hope you enjoy Bangkok as much as we did and next time you are headed to an exotic island to holiday in Thailand, think about stopping here for some real Thai culture.

8 things to do with toddlers in Bangkok

  1. Fantasia Lagoon - A secret waterpark uncovered by TWB.
  2. Ocean World - Beautiful aquariums and other animals not found under the sea.
  3. Funariam – Indoor playground with slides, ball pits, basketball court, and even a bicycle/scooter track where the kids get a bike & helmet and do laps.
  4. Shopping Malls - Whether it’s to see a movie on the many big screens available or just to play on any number of indoor playgrounds, malls will be your friends.
  5. Ride in a Tuk Tuk - We all love the Tuk Tuk ride to get from here to there.
  6. All You Can Eat Cake - A wide range of savoury & sweet pastries, cheesecakes, mudcakes, jelly, cream, ice cream and unlimited drinks. Yum!
  7. Royal Dragon Restaurant - A Guinness World Record Holder for largest restaurant, holding over 5000 seats and 1500 staff. This is more then a Chinese restaurant, it’s entertainment.
  8. Ride on a Boat - A nice fast boat - 15 minutes from one end of the river to the other with all the sites in between.

5 must-eat foods in Bangkok

  1. Street Food – Fried Banana
  2. Street Food – Banana & Nutella Roti
  3. Street Food – Pad Thai
  4. Moo Ga Ta (Korean BBQ)
  5. Street Food – Roast Pork on a stick 

4 things for kid free adults to do in Bangkok

  1. Tiger Temple & Elephant Play – An inspiring experience that will leave you breathless. Feed Tiger cubs, walk the giant cats, watch them play & then finish the day with a water fight against a 40-year-old elephant.
  2. Thai Cooking Class – Recreate the delicious food of beautiful Thailand.
  3. Temples & Palaces – The days are hot so best to see these without the kids slowing you down. Admire the beauty, culture and historic age of Thailand’s finest religious sites.
  4. Shopping Malls - Whether it’s to see a movie on the many big screens or browse the Chatuchak Market or eat your heart out on Koa San Road.

3 things to remember for Bangkok transport

  1. Taxi’s are cheap - if you are paying for more than 3 people a taxi is cheaper than public transport, often faster and much more convenient. The older drivers are a better pick; they will usually use their meter instead of asking for a rip off price. Please politely decline any nonsense about extra cause of traffic, etc. And try to tip when you can, as it’s a thankless job.
  2. Tut tuks - the most expensive option, but they are a great mode of transport. Usually the lowest is 100B to anywhere. But they are fun, you can get by traffic a little easier and you can see a lot more as they nip down streets cars don’t often use.
  3. Public transport – The skytrain and other modes of public transport and faster than Bangkok traffic in an evening. If there are two of you it may also be the cheapest option.


2 things not to do in Bangkok

  1. Fall for the Gem Scammers. Located outside the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Shopping Malls and other tourist attractions these lovely Thai people aim to convince you to see a lesser known attraction and on the way make you visit a Gem store to buy pretty glass (not gems).
  2. Get your hair done. The Thai people are meticulous at their work and a head of highlights took me over 7 hours. The colour was also completely wrong. Just remember black Asian hair is so different to blonde Western hair.


1 thing to remember before arriving in Bangkok

  1. Read all our Bangkok travel posts to save time & money. It will make the planning process much smoother and your time in Bangkok much happier. 


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Posted by Shonalie (show-naa-lee) on
Hi Erin
I recently stumbled onto your travel posts while looking foe kid- friendly things to do on a brief Thai vacation. I admire your and Josh's decision to live your travel dream. I have a job and so does my husband. And we have a girl (6yr old Aanya) and a boy (3 yr old Aurko). We always try and squeeze in as much road- tripping and travelling as our jobs and economics will allow:))
I noticed India is not on your 'been there' list yet.
Hopefully sometime later this year?
Please visit India too. Please reach out for any information if you wish to travel this part of the world.
It is so inspiring to read about you and your family.
Warm regards from India ( Bangalore)
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