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KidZania Dubai: The Kids Very Own City In The World’s Largest Mall

Discovering your child’s passions and dreams has never been easier than with KidZania. Get your kids to one!

Located on the top floor of the world’s largest mall is KidZania. Our first experience of KidZania was last year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where we visited twice and still didn’t finish all the careers they had on offer. This one in Dubai was no different. We spent 5 hours here (11am – 4pm) and did not even complete half of the 80 professions available.

The concept is focused on a little town where little people run it, from police officers to couriers. They receive 50 KidZos (currency) when they first enter and throughout their time in KidZania they have opportunities to earn more money from jobs like being a dentist, doctor, pilot and more.



There is also opportunity to spend it on actives like driving a race car, painting, cooking and more. 

A couple of the professions and activities require actual money, such as creating a pizza. We used a lunch break as an opportunity to let the kids make their own pizza and then sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labour. Adults can also choose from several eateries including McDonalds and cafes.



It was exciting to see the different jobs they had compared to those available in Kuala Lumpur. Of course Emirates was the flagship airline and they had no qualms about allowing the kids to make bottles of Coca Cola, biscuits or flavoured milk. 


Caius’ favourite activity was the barber store where he was turned into our little man. It was like looking 20 years into the future. Snazzy!


Mia’s favourite attraction was the painting. Mia is exceptionally creative and just adored painting a masterpiece on her very own easel. She also raved about the cooking class.


On entry it seemed several schools had chosen the same day as us so we made our way to the attractions with no queues. By 1pm the school children had all disappeared and our kids got to easily move onto the more popular activities like being a fireman and race car driving.

There seemed to be a slight lack of signage in Dubai’s KidZania compared to KL. In Kuala Lumpur each profession featured a prominent plaque with the name, minimum age and whether the kids would need spend KidZos or earn KidZos. Dubai had no such instructions and we were often confused on whether they needed money or if Caius (at 3 years old) would be allowed to do the activity. If they added this signage the experience would be a 10 out of 10.


Everything else was marvellous. It was a huge place spread over 2 floors and there was so much to do. The kids would have loved to stay longer or go again to try everything they missed. The centre is very safe and we had no problems allowing the kids to wander off and explore. We followed close behind soaking up the free Wifi on our smartphones. Give them a few more years and we would be happy to spend our time in the Parents Lounge or shopping while they did their own thing.


Awesomely this KidZania is a supervised playground for parents. Children above 120cms in height can be left alone inside KidZania. However children under 120cms in height must be accompanied by an adult/guardian. Mia was over and Caius was under, so we stayed with them. Adults are not allowed into KidZania unless accompanied by a child. It’s a great idea to leave Dad with the kids, while Mum heads out shopping. 

As a parent, it’s great to know your kids can have fun and learn at the same time, it’s perfect in any weather condition and very safe. Disneyland may call itself the happiest place on earth, but I know a 3 & 4 year-old that would think they’ve found somewhere better.

Tickets can be brought on their website KidZania Dubai.

Adult – AED 95
Child – AED 140 (4 - 16 years)
Toddler – AED 95 (2 - 3 years)

Infant – Free (under 2)
Total for our family of 4 = AED 425 / AUD $130

You can also purchase food vouchers, so instead of paying for the pizza they can use a pre-purchased voucher. 

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Posted by John on
This is indeed a fantastic opportunity for kids and not so many know about it. Great job talking about it!
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