5 Reasons to Take a Break At Chuck E. Cheese’s

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Las Vegas can be exciting, loud and entertaining, but sometimes families need a break from... well Vegas. Trade in the bright lights of the big city for the neon glow and peace of mind of Chuck E. Cheese’s. It’s the perfect parent’s escape. With school term now in full swing, it’s important to remember to set aside some family fun time. And it doesn't get any easier or more convenient than this.

Here’s 5 reasons to take a break at Chuck E. Cheese’s:

1. Admission is Free

The cost of family activities can be overwhelming, especially in a city like Las Vegas. You can take comfort in the fact that admission to Chuck E. Cheese’s is always free. I paid only for the food we ate and the games we played. I love the fact that every game at Chuck E. Cheese’s only costs 1 token.

2. Safety is Priority Number One

From the moment I entered Chuck E. Cheese’s, it was clear my children’s safety took first priority. We were welcomed in by a staff member who guards the door ensuring that families who arrive together leave together. Family members each receive a matching stamp upon entry. When it’s time to leave, a staff member checks each stamp at the door ensuring no one leaves with someone else’s child.

Another great safety feature at Chuck E. Cheese’s is the open layout. It’s easy to keep track of my children whether they are exploring the play structure, watching a show or playing in the game area.

3. The New Menu is Great

While Chuck E. Cheese’s is known for its pizza, the newly expanded menu offers more options for the whole family. From fresh salads to gluten-free pizza, every family member will likely find something to their taste. Chuck E. Cheese’s has also put together a full list of allergens making it easier for families considering allergies and dietary restrictions.

4. It’s Clean

I’m always surprised by how clean Chuck E. Cheese’s is. From the tables to the washrooms, the staff are constantly making sure there’s no messes to be found. What you may not know is that the games and rides are also cleaned once per hour. 

5. Free Wi-Fi

With the addition of free Wi-Fi, it’s not only kids that can take a break at Chuck E. Cheese’s. I love to head over when I need to get a little bit of work done but don’t want my kids stuck at home in front of the TV. With large indoor playgrounds in each Chuck E. Cheese’s location, it’s a convenient place to let my kids loose while I get things done. 

The Bottom Line

When the bright lights of Vegas become a little too much for your family, know that Chuck E. Cheese’s is waiting to welcome you with open arms, a clean environment and a brand new menu. Chuck E. Cheese’s is a safe and fun place that both you and your kids will love. Make sure to take a moment from your busy schedule and tear your kids away from their homework to have some fun as a family.

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Chucke cheeses, where a kid can be a kid, last time i went to chucky cheeses it was maybe my sophmore year of high school to a friends little brothers party. kind of was supprised when the time came to change chucky from the hat and bow tie to a smaller and skinny mouse with a c on a purple shirt, and he doesnt really have his friends anymore which id kind of a bummer. there use to be a cool animatronic show with each of chuckys friends singing songs if i remember right.
Now they only have Chucky at a booth playing songs and his friends are on the TV, I think in cartoon form. Those were the days. anyway great post i had no idea of some of these things. cant wait for more.

Corey Robinson Oct 17th, 2016

Wow your kids have changed a lot. Is that what Chuck E Cheese does to people?! lol

Sarah Oct 26th, 2016

Hi Sarah, if you look at the top of the page you can see this was done by one of our writers :) If you click on it you can see her bio as well.

admin Oct 26th, 2016

I Love Chucky Cheese! I still get a smile on my face when I think of the curtain opening and the little band playing and singing along to stuffed animated creatures :) We used to have several in Minnesota, but not sure how many are left. I always brought my children there to get away and then years later my grandson. They have all had at least one birthday party and the cost is really very reasonable and the entertainment for the kiddies is perfect for hours of fun!

Jimmy & Tina Durham Oct 27th, 2016

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