7 Waterparks You Have To Visit

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Yes, we have kids. It’s a common justification for parents who visit a waterpark. But if you know me, then you know I need no excuse to go. I’d happily go with or without my kids. Adrenalin junkie? Perhaps.

Here are my 7 favourite waterparks we’ve visited over the last 4 years of non-stop travel. Parks that I would head back to in a heartbeat. And you’re welcome to join me.

7. Action Aquapark, Bulgaria

Who knew Bulgaria would hold one of our favourite European waterslides? This waterpark also happens to be home to the longest and tallest waterslide in the region – 20 meters (65 feet) tall and 165 meters (540 feet) long with a psychedelic rainbow theme. 

There are several water playgrounds in the park designed for very young children and young at heart. And as a bonus there is even a petting zoo on site.

6. Xocomil, Guatemala

A brightly decorated waterpark in the middle of Guatemala. And possibly one of the cheapest parks you’ll ever visit. Adventure slides, log rides, speed slides, a lazy river – it has it all! There are several kiddy pools as well to enjoy complete with their very own water playgrounds. We found that even though there were plenty of people within the park, it never felt crowded.

5. Wet n Wild Cancun, Mexico

While we are in this part of the world let’s visit an all-inclusive water park. Our very first one. Here your ticket price includes all the food and drink you can enjoy during your time in the park. Time it right and you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in one day… as well as cocktail hour!

It’s not the largest park, but the rides are thrilling. The Space Bowl launches you 30 miles per hour down a slide and into a chute that abruptly deposits you into 9 feet of cold water. In complete darkness. Families will also love the raft ride, which can be enjoyed all together.

4. Water Park of America, Minnesota, USA

Do you love waterparks but are worried about your porcelain skin? This waterpark is perfect for you. A complete waterpark that is not only indoors, but the largest indoor waterpark in the United States covering 70,000 square feet including a slide tower nearly ten stories tall.  

Try your hand at surfing on the FlowRider or send the the family over the edge at the Eagles Nest raft ride. Kids will love the extensive water playground of Fort Snelling, while parents will enjoy the constant 85°F (29°C) water temperature. 

3. Outback Splash, Perth, Australia

Moving all the way across the globe, and to my home town of Perth, with possibly one of the biggest things to happen in this city for a long time. The opening of Outback Splash in 2014 was incredible and we were so excited to be there for it.

Set within the beautiful Maze, this waterpark is still quite new. In it’s infancy stage (1 of 6 stages to be exact) it currently only holds two tube slides, two flume slides, toddler-friendly slides, a 1000-litre tipping bucket and a range of water cannons and interactive play features.

Afterwards try your hand at one of the many mazes in the park or get up close with kangaroos, emus and more.

2. Atlantis The Palm’s Aquaventure Waterpark, Dubai, UAE

The number 1 water park in the Middle East and Europe is located on an man-made palm-shaped island in Dubai. This 42-acre water park is home to some of the best waterslides on the planet, including one that drops you 9 stories and then travels right through a shark tank.

If that doesn’t float your boat, then perhaps a trip around the 2.3 kilometer rapid river will be more your style.

Kids will love Splashers, an elaborate water playground featuring water games, jet sprays, giant buckets, ten slides and climbing structures. 

After a long, wonderful day wind down with a visit to see the 65,000 fish and sea creatures living in the aquarium next door.

1. Waterbom, Bali

Our favourite waterpark in all the world. Waterbom is so much more than just slides, with over 2.8 hectares of landscaped tropical gardens. I can only describe it a refreshing oasis in the midst of hectic, humid Kuta.

Try the longest “snake” slide in the world, the Constrictor, or just enjoy a relaxing float down the Lazy River past monkey temples and lush gardens. Kids will love the duck mascots occasionally strolling through the park, and the all-ages waterslides and water playground. 

Warm or cool weather, adventure or not, waterparks offer something for everyone. Before our kids were barely one-year-old they were enjoying waterparks and I am sure even when I’m 100 years old I’ll still be enjoying them too.

 So tell me… what’s your favourite waterpark? I really want to visit more. 

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Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, Texas is pretty awesome too!!

Tammy Chrzan Jun 9th, 2016

Wild Wadi in Dubai! Did you go there too???

Vicki Winters Jun 9th, 2016

How do you all stay fit and healthy white travelling? I always put on weight that takes ages to shift when I'm travelling. So does my husband! And one of the kids always gets sick.

Emma Jun 10th, 2016

We loved Aqualandia, a saltwater park in Benidorm last year. We're heading back to Benidorm later this month when we'll get to try a different waterpark there so I'll be able to do a 'scientific' comparison! Love waterparks

Jane Batt Jun 14th, 2016

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