The 10 Most Read Posts Of 2013

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I’ve been reviewing my statistics to see what you all love. What are you reading? Why are you reading it? It seems it’s not very clear cut for me so I would love you to tell me in the comments what you want to see more of.

But for now here are our 10 top posts that you read in 2013. 

#10 Our Hellish Journey From Belize City To Flores, Guatemala

Not every post is fun and games and scraping in at number ten is our journey from Belize to Guatemala, which not only had us missing our bus, squishing in a taxi, bribing border officials, and also losing our tablet. Fun! 


#9 A Deep Fried Bucket Load Of Things To Do In New Orleans

This post had us sailing the Mississippi River, drooling in our cooking class, visiting markets & festivals and all over enjoying whatever was on offer in New Orleans. 


#8 Living The Dream: Enjoy The Simplicity Of Places

We started the “Living The Dream” series with us, on how we travel and why. Then you wanted more inspiration so we started introducing families and travellers from across the globe. We met Anna in Puerto Rico, she is a young solo backpacker who is living her dream and you loved it! 


#7 The Magic Of Yi Peng – Floating Lanterns Festival In Chiang Mai

This is a personal favourite, so I am glad you all love it as well. One of our favourite experiences from our travels. The lantern festival somewhere between 20,000 – 30,000 lanterns released in one night into a beautiful night sky whisking away worries and sin.


#6 KL's Top 10 Toddler Countdown

Who doesn’t love a top ten list? And this one is a winner. Activities like KidZania, riding elephants, scary monkey caves and indoor theme parks are only some of the goodies you will find in this post.


#5 Photo Journal

It seems photos are a great travel inspiration and people are flocking to our photo journal every day to check out accommodation, food, and attractions in every country we visit. 


#4 Don't Visit New Orleans Without Eating At These Ten Restaurants

And we are back in New Orleans. Popular little city in the USA. I am not surprised this one is up there, people seem to love New Orleans and you can’t get a bad meal when you go there. We loved eating in New Orleans, I’m not sure I could live eating like that, it was so good! 


#3 The Lost City Of Petra: Sublime Sandstone Sanctuary

One of our life-long dreams was to visit The Lost City of Petra and it was every bit as beautiful as I imagined it to be. Obviously a spot quite a number of people want to visit, as it’s up here in our top 3. 


#2 Who Are We

Seems I will need to update my Who Are We page since it is the second most read page on our site. I wrote this back at the beginning of 2012 when our kids were 2 & 3, but I love it, because it really shows a complete change in character of them and us. Look out for a new one in 2014.


#1 Fantasia Lagoon, Bangkok's Secret Water Park

We spent a month in Bangkok back in August/September 2012 and stumbled on this local $3 entry water park. It was situated on top of a shopping centre and we had an amazing day here. 


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