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Top Photos of 2013 - Central America & Caribbean

With so many beautiful photos taken in 2013 (upwards of 25,000+), I just had to share more of my favourites. These shots were taken between January and April 2013 when we travelled through Bahamas, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and The Caribbean.

The natural beauty found in this region is second to none. My idlyic holiday involves a tropical beach and these were in abundance. But digging deeper we immersed ourselves in the rich history of these incredible cultures. I've always been facinated by ancient history and visiting Chichen Itza was one of my childhood dreams come true. I'll never forget that.

The people, places and also food of this region will forever be etched in my mind. You can not visit Central America without being forever changed.


Paradise Island

View from the top of the waterslide tower at Atlantis Aquaventure. A picture-perfect bay with sparkling sapphire water and powery white sand.
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Atlantis Aquaventure, Paradise Island

An amazing waterpark on a tropical island. What more could you want?
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Chichen Itza

Arguably one of the most spectacular and iconic ancient man-made structures. The amazing precision and construction feats highlight the inginuity and creativity of the ancient Mayans.
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An eco theme park that includes a visually spectacular evening show that describes the history of the region in song and dance, with more than 300 artists on stage.
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More magic moments from Mexico:


Ambergris Caye

Snorkling on the world's 2nd largest barrier reef, with eye-popping crystal clear water teeming with colourful sealife. Easily one of our top highlights in 2013.
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More beauty from Belize:


Our Chariot Awaits...

When those walks home late at night didn't seem appealing, a tuk tuk would always come to the rescue. The cobblestone roads in Antigua, Guatemala made for an interesting and memorable experience. We had our fair share of ups and downs in Antigua... literally!
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Taking A Ride Around The Market

On a tour around the villages surrounding Antigua we stopped in a local market. The vivid colours, mixing aromas and sounds were captured in my photos, but this one frame of a child captured my heart.
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More great grabs from Guatemala:

Puerto Rico


We explored the quiet western coast of Puerto Rico for several weeks and the discovered hidden natural beauty of this amazing region.
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The Barracuda Whisperer

The beauty of this island is not just limited to the land. We discovered ocean playgrounds that only locals know about. And this little beauty wanted to join us for the ride. I coudn't turn him down, especially with such a captivating smile.
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More perfect pictures from Puerto Rico:

Eastern Caribbean

Dividing The Sea, St Kitts

This panorama looks over the southern end of the incredibly beautiful island of St Kitts. On the left side the rough Atlantic Ocean, and the right was the warm and calm Caribbean Sea. The bay on the right is South Friars Beach, possibly one of my most favourite beaches in the world.
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Waterfall, St Lucia

On a day-trip to go zip lining through the tropical jungle, our group stopped at this nearby waterfall where the guide found a coconut, cracked it open and shared the tender, sweet white flesh.
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More classic catches from The Caribbean:

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