29 Christmas Gifts For Travel Addicts In 2016

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It’s that time of year again. Retail sale season is about to hit the Internet and the Christmas shopping binge begins. 

But if you know an avid traveller you will recognise they are the hardest to buy for. They don’t want stuff taking up precious room in their suitcase, they don’t need homewares from Ikea and an Amazon gift card just feels to impersonal. So what you can you get that travel lover?

Here’s our favourite gifts that we want ya’ll to buy for us in 2016!

(prices in US dollars)

Be a Scottish Lord/Lady

Price: $42

For the person who has everything why not make them a Lord or Lady. Starting at $42 you choose a gift pack which includes a plot of land in Scotland which allows you to style yourself as a Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe. Plus, you are helping support a unique conservation project. You can call me Lady Erin from now on. 

American Tourister luggage 28 inch

Price: $199.99 | Check Amazon’s latest price

Speaking of Star Wars, kids will always remember this moment. Ours did. The day we received these suitcases our children were overjoyed. Plus, we get compliments on them every time we travel. In fact, today at the airport our bags were overweight but the staff member let them through since he loved Star Wars so much! We travel with the big ones, but you can find Star Wars carry-on luggage as well. We just had our newest member arrive today from eBags! Plus, next month the new ‘Rogue One’ models are being released! 

Scottevest Enforcer Jacket

Price: $360 | Check Amazon’s latest price

Josh didn’t need much until he received this. The Enforcer Jacket has 30 pockets to conceal and carry any item you need from laptops to phones to passports. Plus, the 100% poly exterior looks stylish!

Tinggly Ultimate Experience

Price: $279

Looking for a gift that won’t weigh them down? Then consider a Tinggly experience. You can find cheaper packages, but our favourite was the Ultimate Collection. This voucher comes in a beautiful gift box and provides the recipient with 340+ experiences to choose from in over 100 countries. Best part? It’s valid for 24 months!

Taza Stainless Steel Straws

Price: $9.99 | Check Amazon’s latest price

I used to love a straw in my long drink, but when I started travelling I realised how wasteful it really was. Not to mention in Bali often when you’re given a bamboo straw, it has been rinsed and re-used hundreds of times. For that reason, I fell for these eco-friendly stainless steel straws. Restaurants should be stocking these, but until they do save yourself and the environment.

Firefly Toothbrushes

Price: $11.31 (2 pack) | Check Amazon’s latest price

Everybody needs a toothbrush, but getting kids to brush after a day of travel can be exhausting. So much daily entertainment and excitement means this task can become boring and tedious. Not anymore. Our kids love these flashing lightsaber toothbrushes complete with sound effects! Plus, a light up timer lets them know when to stop brushing their top and bottom teeth. 

Resto Presto

Price: $39.99

We fell hard for this small pouch. It’s a soft wearable blanket or a picnic rug. In fact, it’s the only compact, water-repellent, super soft mat that you can sit on, sit under or wear. So excited to be able to travel with something so small that can be used as a towel, something warm on a plane or just to sit on when we are in the great outdoors. 

Zero Grid Travel Towel

Price: $24.95 | Check Amazon’s latest price

We normally travel with a sarong, because they are so lightweight and practical. I was pleasantly surprised when we tried out these full body towels. Made from premium microfiber blend (80% polyester / 20% nylon) they are super absorbent and quick drying.


Price: $39.95 | Check Amazon’s latest price

I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and finally found it. A soft-sided personal portable outdoor safe to keep our valuable where they belong. Heading to the beach? Attach it to your beach chair and never worry about lost keys or sandy phones again. The nylon skin is slash resistant, water-resistant and has a programmable lock. Use TWB25 for your exclusive discount! 

Packable pails

Price: $19.95 | Check Amazon’s latest price

We fell in love with this last year and have been travelling with them all over the world. Since we are always on the lookout for beach time our kids enjoy these full size beach pails and we’re happy they collapse into 2 inches. Great idea if you travel with a dog too, since it could be a water bowl, a toy carrier or of course for making the dream sandcastle.

Compression cubes – 3-piece set

Price: $44.95 | Check Amazon’s latest price

I was already sold on packing cubes, but wanted to see if compression cubes would make an even bigger difference… and they do. These are made from tear and liquid-resistant, dual-layered 420D ripstop nylon. They are heavier than the normal packing cube, but they diminish the size of your clothes immensely. 

Ultra-Light Packing Cubes – 5-piece set

Price: $59.99 | Check Amazon’s latest price

If you are not running tight on room, then perhaps these packing cubes will work better than the compression cubes. Lightweight and available in plenty of colour options, we always travel with our packing cubes.

Zero Grid Cable Organiser

Price: $19.95 | Check Amazon’s latest price

How many times have you screamed at your knot of electronics cables? When you travel don’t get flustered, just get organised. This has 2 dual sided plates, each side featuring 10 woven elastic straps customisable for organisation or all your cables. My husband never travels without a cable organiser now, there are just too many cables needed, especially with family travel.

Thinium ReCHARGE+

Price: $69.95 | Check Amazon’s latest price

Everyone needs a portable battery charger, but what makes the Thinium ReCHARGE+ different is it’s the thinnest 2-in-1 portable battery on the market. It’s also a wall charger that can charge a smartphone from its rechargeable battery, a wall outlet, or any USB charging source. Plus, it’s cord-free. Carry it in your handbag or wallet and make sure you always stayed charged and ready for adventure.

Phone waterproof case

Price: $12.95 | Check Amazon’s latest price

We use our waterproof case all the time – beaches, pools, jet skis, cruising, theme parks, water parks and more.

Travel scales

Price: $24.99 | Check Amazon’s latest price

I don’t know why we didn’t own one of these sooner. I absolutely adore travel scales and they have helped us avoid the dreaded “airport repack”, which is the nightmare of any traveller. 

Skype credit

Price: $any

Can’t go wrong with giving someone the gift to always stay connected! 

TEP Wireless

Price: $any

Staying connected while travelling can be difficult. Especially if you plan on travelling through 2 or more countries quite fast. For that reason we can't live without our TEP and we think it's a great gift to give someone too. Use TEPBENDER for 15% off! 

Universal power board

Price: $19.99

Electronics can now be bought in any country without worry and this compact little beauty enables up to 3 devices to be charged from a single power outlet.

eBags Piazza handbag

Price: $39.99 | Check Amazon’s latest price

I have been looking for the perfect handbag for a while. I bought one in Melbourne last year, which was slowly dying and then I found this. I love that the zippered sides can open to hold a water bottle, and multiple pockets hold my passport, headphones and phone. The shoulder strap can be worn cross-body for safety and it’s really lightweight. I opted for purple, but it’s available in other colours. 

Portable kid’s toilet

Price: $8.99

Hilarious! But I could have really used this when my kids were younger. Road trips would have been so different! 

Daydreamer Neck Pillow

Price: $21.99

Let’s face it. Everyone needs a travel pillow and this one seems to be hitting the top of the wish lists lately. 

Scratch map

Price: $24.95

Add to that a scratch map for those who are always finding new places to go. How many will you be scratching off in 2017?

World Map Black Background Wall Art

Price: $61.90

This is on my Christmas list for when I finally get a home base. I just love this artwork, perfect for the travel enthusiast in your life. 

TLS Vertical Mobile Office

Price: $179.99 | Check Amazon’s latest price

The reason we love this bag, is not because it’s a vertical office, but because it’s a vertical kids bag too. We can place all their toys in one pocket, their laptop and iPads in the back pocket, plus all their books fit perfectly as well. The fully padded laptop sleeve is a super idea.

100 Places That Can Change Your Child's Life

Price: $13.13

When we were in Marco Island, Florida recently this book made its way into our possession as the island was featured in it. Written by National Geographic, this is the perfect bucket list book to start travel with kids. 

Leatherman TREAD

Price: $185 | Check Amazon’s latest price

The Leatherman TREAD is Josh’s new go-to handyman device while travelling. It is a plethora of screwdrivers, cutting devices, bottle opener and even a smartphone SIM tray opener. Plus it looks stylish and is super durable. Perfect for the handy man on the go.

eBags Professional Weekender

Price: $134.99 | Check Amazon’s latest price

We plan on doing a lot more mini trips with a lot less baggage and for this reason I liked the look of the Professional Weekender. It includes a clothing compartment and converts from backpack to briefcase with a vertical and horizontal luggage handle. Handy!

Family Stories

Price: $79

Having trouble keeping up with your family? This clever idea caught my eye. Record family stories for the entire family easily. Don’t know how to start doing that? StoryWorth gives you a full year of weekly story prompts on things you’d never think to ask. Think “what’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?” or “have you ever pulled a great prank?” At the end of the year StoryWorth creates a beautifully hardcover book with all the stories shared in the past year. Ingenious!

Give In Kind

Price: $Varies

When I read about this I loved the idea. Back when I was pregnant with my children my local church organised meals for 2 weeks when bub came so that I could focus on being a new mum. It’s always hard to think of ways to support someone, but Give In Kind makes things easy this Christmas or during a crisis. No matter what major life event is happening, Give In Kind gives you the tools to be there for your loved ones… even if you’re on the other side of the world.

Now It’s Your Turn

Gentlemen (and gentlewoman), start your shopping engines! Flash the cash or peel out the plastic. Hopefully I’ve provided a little inspiration for this giving season. If you find any gift ideas you like on here, why not share this article with your friends and family… they’ll appreciate the subtle hint! Smile

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