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With Christmas just around the corner it’s time to start buying presents. It’s the hardest time of year for us as our families seek to spoil our children with wonderful, fabulous, giant gifts that… don’t fit in our suitcase.

Perhaps you know a child heading out on their first trip or on a holiday and are wondering what to get them. Here is a spectacular list (I say very modestly) that we, as the travelling parents, highly approve of. 

11) Bubblebum

Travelling with a carseat is a nightmare. But not with the Bubblebum. It’s passed all the safety regulations in the US and UK and is a fabulous compact carseat for your next vacation. Check your destination’s local regulations before purchase.

Price: USD$29.99


10) Trunki

When the kids have their own luggage, the holiday really becomes theirs. The Trunki is fun and functional and would make a great gift to a child.

Price: USD$28.02


9) Carddies

This little box comes with pencils, backdrop and little people. It encourages children’s creativity using something other than their iPad during flights or road trips. Our kids adored colouring in the little people and then creating a whole imaginary world during our Europe train trip. It’s compact and fun.

Price: £8.99 (only available on Amazon UK)

8) Digital Camera

Will your little one snap something you never imagined? Children adore cameras so instead worrying that they will drop yours, get them a small point-and-shoot to record their own holiday memories.

Price: USD$38.74


7) Soft toys

We were waiting in line at the airport when our daughter ran to us with Scrat, the nut-loving saber-squirrel from the movie, Ice Age. He was the same size as her.

“Where did you get that?” I eeked.

“The lady gave it to me. She said it couldn’t fit in her suitcase,”

Well geez, thanks. What makes her think it’s going to fit in ours?

Soft toys are great gifts, they are (usually) super light, but they do take up space. So make sure you are buying something super soft and super small.

Price: USD$12

6) iTunes voucher

iTunes vouchers are perfect for buying books, games and movies. You may be thinking how any kid is going to find joy in a small gift card. Once their parents show them the range of books available, and they can buy any one they like, this gift will immediately be a favourite.

Price: Anything


5) Lego

These tiny little pieces can be the bane of the traveller or the lifesaver. While small and compact once the pieces are missing it becomes a useless present. Check with the parents and the little one whether this one is going to work before buying that amazing 1000-piece airplane kit.

Price: USD$29.99


4) Work books

Colouring books, reading books, writing books. My kids adore children’s books. We were given a fabulous book with paint attached to the top, which is an ideal addition for any traveller. Or perhaps the wipe-and-clean books, which are better for younger kids. Whatever you choose, you know the kids are going to be excited.

Price: USD$4.99


3) Vegemite

Perhaps your child is not from Australia and this seems absurd, but find out a favourite food that is country-specific and buy it for them. Our kids travel everywhere with their tube of Vegemite. It’s a slice of Australia we get to carry with us.

Price: USD$13.99


2) Flight Ticket

Are the kids old enough to travel unaccompanied? Why not surprise them with a ticket to see you (or a relative perhaps). Children from 12 years old are usually able to fly unaccompanied and this makes the best selfish present too. They get a fun flight and you get to see them! (or get rid of them, whatever you prefer)

Price: from less than USD$100

Try Expedia or Cheapoair (save $40 on Cheapoair with our exclusive coupon "TWB40")

1) Experiences

Little ones absolutely love quality time and little travellers are especially keen on experiences. All of these physical gifts will fade away once the story is finished or the bag is broken or the parts are lost. Find out where your little traveller is headed and give the gift of an experience – buy the tickets to Disneyland, send them on a husky ride in Finland, organise an opportunity to abseil in Malta. And then if you can – go with them! These memories will last a lifetime.

Price: Anything

Try Red Letter Days (in UK) or Amazon Gift Finder (in US)


I hope this list has given you a bunch of useful Christmas gift ideas for your kids or another child. If you can think of anything else, go ahead and write a comment below.

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Note: Prices accurate at time of publishing.

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A tube of Vegemite??!!!!! Hahaaaa! No thanks The Scrat story cracks me up!

Alisa Nov 20th, 2014

I dread Christmas due to the avalanche of STUFF! It's so hard to get this across to well-meaning family. This year I am especially adamant that there must a minimum of things as we will be selling everything and becoming global nomads next summer, so I appreciate any advice on what to tell them they can get!

We are especially interested in bilingual books to help our family learn Spanish (our first stop will be Mexico!) and we bought the kids good snorkel gear as we plan to spend lots of time in the ocean. Happy travels!

Amelia Lynch Nov 20th, 2014

True indeed, when the kids have their own luggage, the holiday really becomes theirs. In addition, in order not to make the vacation all about them, you can try the concept of same accommodation but different beds.

Darell Jones Nov 20th, 2014

I *totally* get the tube of Vegemite! 'cept it would be #1 for me!!
And laughed a lot at the Scrat story. Clever woman!!! Did you take it with you?

Amanda Kendle Nov 22nd, 2014

@Amelia, that sounds great, well done! Anything digital is a perfect present because it takes up no suitcase space. So Spanish e-books and audio guides are perfect for your situation. Good luck on the start of your adventure :-)

@Amanda Yes we took the Scrat with us. It's probably at the bottom of a suitcase somewhere :-)

admin Nov 23rd, 2014

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