Mum, You Deserve A Break

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When was the last time you went on holiday?

The last time you walked a beach bare foot, lay in the sun and let the waves heal your soul?

When was the last time you didn’t ask your kids to hurry up or had a relaxing lunch with your husband?

Mums, you deserve a break!

In fact it is essential that you take a break. Why? 

1) It’s Good For The Body

Did you know that experts believe we reclaim up to 30% of our fitness by going on holidays? Have you ever noticed when you are on holiday that you barely gain weight despite eating so much? Going on holiday has us walking the beach, swimming with kids in the pool, playing tennis with out partner or spending hours walking around markets. This regular physical activity gets your blood pumping, increasing your heart rate and strengthening your immune system. Not only are you exercising more, but also without the stresses of deadlines and that office air-conditioning, your body has an opportunity to recuperate and heal. You start to breath better in the clean mountain air and you start sleeping better too.

A happy body is essential in life and if you don’t take the time to repair it, then you may find yourself burnt out very quickly.

Mum, you deserve a break!


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It is always great to spend time with your family. Really an interesting and nice blog.

Tania Kanda Oct 11th, 2014

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