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Mum, You Deserve A Break!!!

When was the last time you went on holiday?

The last time you walked a beach bare foot, lay in the sun and let the waves heal your soul?

When was the last time you didn’t ask your kids to hurry up or had a relaxing lunch with your husband?

Mums, you deserve a break!

In fact it is essential that you take a break. Why? 


1) It’s Good For The Body

Did you know that experts believe we reclaim up to 30% of our fitness by going on holidays? Have you ever noticed when you are on holiday that you barely gain weight despite eating so much? Going on holiday has us walking the beach, swimming with kids in the pool, playing tennis with out partner or spending hours walking around markets. This regular physical activity gets your blood pumping, increasing your heart rate and strengthening your immune system. Not only are you exercising more, but also without the stresses of deadlines and that office air-conditioning, your body has an opportunity to recuperate and heal. You start to breath better in the clean mountain air and you start sleeping better too.

A happy body is essential in life and if you don’t take the time to repair it, then you may find yourself burnt out very quickly.

Mum, you deserve a break!



2) It’s Good For The Soul

The modern, hectic lifestyle can place us in a routine that can be not only draining on our body, but also our soul. Running errands, taking kids to school, shopping, cooking, cleaning and back to school again. It’s exhausting. Taking a break often allows us to rekindle our passions and rejuvenate our soul. Make the time for a massage, do an hour of yoga, or just do a few simple breathing exercises on the beach in the morning, and watch how your soul restores and your mind replenishes.

Happy mum, happy family.

Mum, you deserve a break!



3) It’s Good For The Family

Often both parents work to make sure the family is provided for. But children are happier when they spend time with parents. Quality time with your kids will strengthen their most valuable life-long bond. Take the time out to encourage them, play with them and love them. Don’t forget they may be the one looking after you when you’re old! And then start on your partner. Have lunch together and talk intently. Try not to check the time or fiddle with the phone. Set aside time to have sex in a secluded mountain cabin or on a stranded beach and pump energy back into your marriage. 

Holidays are essential to family life and your marriage.

Mum, you deserve a break!


Even if you can only set aside a couple days or a long weekend, a relaxing holiday will make you feel on top of the world. If you can plan a longer break, even better. Carefully consider all the benefits, and remember to best look after your kids, you also need to look after yourself. Holidays are essential for finding oneself, loving oneself, recharging and becoming a stronger family.

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It is always great to spend time with your family. Really an interesting and nice blog.
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