5 Travel Indulgences Worth Every Penny

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Have your eyes ever bulged at a price tag? You immediately thought that number was insane and who on earth would pay that.

But then you remember - you’re on holiday! You are creating memories that can’t be replaced, unlike a pair of jeans. And while the effect is not immediate, over time the price will be forgotten, but the memory stays forever.

Those are the moments when indulgence really isn’t a luxury, but a pleasure.

When on holiday we always tend to overspend - luxury hotels, fine dining, attractions and airfares. Sometimes our over indulgence can be dissatisfying. However, here are 5 travel experiences below that will turn your rare indulgence into exceptional memories that will last a lifetime.

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Cappadocia, Turkey

Situated in the center of this ancient land is Cappadocia. This region will inspire you with its unique rock formations and captivate you with its vast open spaces.

Before sunrise you can climb aboard one of up to 90 hot air balloons that every morning climb through the still air to meet the sun and give you the most picturesque views you are ever likely to encounter.

At a price tag starting at €175 per person, this indulgence is one you will never forget.

New York Knicks Basketball or a Yankees Baseball Game in New York, USA

If you are lucky this is one indulgence that can be scored at a great price. Some prime basketball tickets can set you back US$2000, but a nose-bleed seat for baseball can be as little as US$16.

Either way, seeing a New York Yankees baseball game or the New York Knicks play basketball in Madison Square Gardens is electric. Even if you’re not a diehard sports fan, the atmosphere alone will have you on your feet cheering and booing with the rest of the crowd.

Hot dogs, cotton candy and your own primordial scream are a recipe to create an indulgent experience. 

Tiger Temple in Thailand

Deep in the heart of Thailand is a unique Buddhist temple that houses over 120 tigers. At around $500 for 2 tickets, this is going to prove an expensive day, but what a day it is! Imagine being able to walk amongst real tigers, wash them, feed them, play with them. Then to top it all off you finish the day in a local river having a water fight with an elephant. Nature, animals, unforgettable.

Taking The Kids To Disneyland in Los Angeles, USA

What child has never dreamed of this? And what parents have never wanted to take their child? A single ticket to Disneyland will set you back US$265 for a 3-day pass (ages 10+), but it really is one of the happiest places on earth.

Choose a time when the crowds are smaller and the whole family will spend a magical time riding roller coasters, cuddling favourite cartoon characters and overindulging in all types of sugary, fried snacks.

Finish the day with one of the most amazing fireworks displays right outside the Sleeping Beauty Castle, complete with faux snow in the wintertime. 

Water-Sliding With Sharks At Atlantis The Palm In Dubai, UAE

Here’s another theme park that may have your eyes popping outside of your head as you hand over your US$70+ per ticket, but remember that once in a lifetime opportunity? It lies on the other side.

This man-made island in Dubai holds Atlantis, an enormous water park with artificial beaches and heart-pumping slides. But above all that it is home to Shark Alley - a water slide that starts in a dark tunnel and ends in a shark tank. Suitable for anyone over 120 cm, I don’t think you can ever forget this one.

If you are creating memories of a lifetime, then a little indulgence seems to be a small price to pay. After all, life is all about creating memories. So get out there and create some extravagant ones!

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For us, Galapagos is a biggie on that list. We also splurged on Machu Picchu, but don't think it was worth it.

Nancy Oct 5th, 2014

Look at the price of Disney! We've spent thousands and thousands there.And getting there.

Alyson Oct 5th, 2014

grest read sometimes you just have to do it

Karin Oct 5th, 2014

I highly recommend you reassess your inclusion of tiger temple in this list. Thailand is quite the labyrinth of animal cruelty, and sometimes its hard to figure out which places are bad for animals, but Tiger Temple is certainly one of them. Their biggest draw for money is their cubs, but what happens when those cubs grow up? For the ones that don't stay in the temple, the others are often sold off for use in traditional Chinese medicine. That, and these incredible creatures spend every day drugged and malnourished (fed only white meat so that their muscles deteriorate - they need red meat for muscle growth and health, just like housecats). Tiger Temple is not a rescue center - it is a business, bringing in thousands for owners to line their pockets. Don't let the monks clad in robes fool you - this is nothing more than wildlife exploitation for the sake of making a buck. If you want to spend money on seeing wildlife, do so with a trek into the country's numerous National Parks, which work very hard to conserve the natural environments of animals so that they may continue living in harmony with humans, not as part of humans' ploy to make money.

Karen Oct 6th, 2014

Thanks for writing Karen. We understand the controversy surrounding the Tiger Temple and have had several different opinions on the original post that you can feel free to read through. As there has been no evidence found yet in regards to drugging the animals we don’t hold any judgement over the matter.

admin Oct 6th, 2014

Walking with Mountain Gorillas in the Congo. USD $750 and worth every penny!

Krystelle Oct 6th, 2014

Hi, I wanted to reiterate what Karen has already said. Regardless of whether the tigers are drugged or not, this is not how they are meant to live. They are supposed to be wild animals, they are not a tourist attraction. Tigers in the wild are very literally on the brink of extinction - some experts have predicted they may go extinct within our lifetime. Attending a place such as the tiger temple will only speed up this process. How do you feel about your children/grandchildren growing up in a world without any wild tigers? And how would you feel if you knew you may have contributed to that demise? As long as tourists keep attending these awful tiger 'temples' they will keep abusing the animals. Since you have such a fantastic blog and attract many readers, such as myself, I feel it is a shame to see the tiger temple promoted on here :(

Travellinghelga Oct 15th, 2014

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