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A couple of years ago my family and I were travelling through Scotland.

As usual we were on a budget and only arranged the basic international cellular plan, in case SMS access was needed. Unless we had access to a local Wi-Fi network we could not use the Internet. Sounds like no big deal, right? Wrong. Navigation in a new destination is really challenging without being able to use your data that you’ve come to rely so heavily on.

“Honey, please look up the name of the place.”


“Can you double check what street it is on?”


If only there was an app that provided offline guides and walking maps! Have you heard of GPSmyCity? Well, all the cool travellers are using it. Say goodbye to “data drought” and welcome to travel freedom.

What is GPSmyCity?

GPSmyCity (iOS, Android) is a really handy mobile app that provides travellers with an abundance of travel articles, offline city maps, and self-guided walking tours of over 700 cities around the world. The access to thousands of travel articles is what makes this app truly unique, because these are guides crafted by expert travel writers and locals with all the insider tips, your travel experience is optimized. Within the guide is an interactive offline map and GPS navigation assistance that guides you to points of interest via self-guided walking tours that are detailed in each article. The best part? Each article and city map can be accessed offline without requiring cellular data or Wi-Fi. 

Want walking tours around New York City? Done!
How about Chicago? Done and done!

My Experience using GPSmyCity

As a regular traveller, I love that GPSmyCity provides me with insightful travel articles. There were many times during my travels I would have loved to refer to a valuable article, but couldn’t due to lack of Internet service. I tried GPSmyCity out in Newport Beach, CA; a town that I am very familiar with to see whether the information on the app was accurate and useful. 

After typing in my desired destination, I selected the article I wanted and saved it to “my downloads” for easy offline access later. The article itself was very informative and, even as a traveller and local to Newport Beach, I learned some new things. Needless to say, I was impressed. Then I viewed the map and, just as promised, there were pins at all the areas of interests. Just click on the pins you want to see and get a route. From there I used GPSmyCity to guide me from spot to spot. As I am already familiar with the area, I can gladly confirm that the directions were accurate. 

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Dozens and dozens of popular cities in Europe are covered, including Budapest, Hungary

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