Luggage Free Review: Too Good To Be True?

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Enter it the "special instructions" field during an online booking, or mention it during a phone booking.

I hate travelling. I loathe it. I don’t wake up in the morning excited to drive to the airport.

Hang on! I’m supposed to be a leading family travel expert.

Well, I’ll be completely honest. My least favourite thing about travelling is travelling. To be more precise, transiting – going from one place to another. And the least of all these, air travel.

But what I discovered from travelling with kids is that it wasn’t the act of moving from once place to another that vexed me. It was lugging all my belongings with me. Looking after my beautiful kids, finding the right airline check-in desk, sorting out passports and itineraries, and all those other things are all fine. It’s pushing a trolley full of suitcases around at the same time, which really tips me over the edge.

Yep, that’s too much luggage

I just wish someone could take my bags for me. You know, like Downton Abbey. A personal servant at my beck and call. What a far-fetched dream.

Then I received an email about Luggage Free and it caught my attention. Could this be the answer to my greatest travel challenge? Maybe it was too good to be true?

I was in a pickle at that time, as I needed to send a suitcase full of our ever-growing pile of stuff to Australia. Carting it around the United States on our epic road trip was a challenge and our car was quickly running out of room.

I had nothing to lose, so I tried Luggage Free’s service with fingers crossed. I’m so glad I did because it was as easy and pain-free as they promised.

Travelling should be this much fun

What is Luggage Free?

Luggage Free is a specialised luggage delivery service. They pick up your luggage from your home or office and deliver it wherever you want. Everything is protected and insured. Simple. Typically you’d use it for hassle-free business or leisure trips. However in our case, we weren’t travelling to the same destination as our luggage, but it worked just fine too.

How does it really work?

It all starts with an online booking (or phone call if you prefer).

The online booking process took just over 5 minutes and was refreshingly simple. Here’s a couple screenshots:

I supplied a specific date and time when I wanted my bag picked up and pickup address. If you’re in a rush they can pickup from most major US cities within 6 hours, and within 24 hours elsewhere. Other things you’ll need:

- Your passport (Tip: you can use a photo of it taken with your smartphone)

- Travel itinerary (optional)

- Packing list (for customs and insurance purposes)

- A delivery address

After filling in a form I received a confirmation email.

On the day of the pick-up a professional delivery expert picked up the bag exactly as expected. And 5 days later I received the email below to confirm my luggage had been successfully delivered to Australia. It was really that simple. I couldn’t believe it.

Arrived! Our luggage in Australia (sorry for the #phonepicture).

How much does it cost?

Pricing depends on what items you’re sending (specialised pricing for golf clubs, skis and bikes, or per pound pricing for regular luggage), how heavy it is and how quickly you want it delivered (between 1, 2, 3 or 5 days). You can also save $50 by choosing the “self service” pick-up option, which involves some paperwork and sticky labels. But we used the “full service” for complete peace of mind.

Who is it for?

Of course if you want to travel on a tight budget, carting your luggage around yourself is the cheapest way to go. But if you want to start your relaxing vacation before you reach your destination – before you even step out the front door – then this is worth trying.

Family travellers - you probably only take a couple big trips per year, and I’m guessing you’ve spent a lot of money on it, so Luggage Free can help you enjoy every minute of it, instead of cursing that heavy bag as you smoosh it into a taxi.

Business travellers – if you’re taking your golf clubs along on a business trip or just have extra boxes of your product or marketing material, this is a good fit for you.

Budget flyers – more and more budget airlines are forcing passengers to check-in their carry-on bags at the gate. This can be risky, especially if you’re travelling with fragile or valuable items. Avoid the hassle and use a point-to-point luggage service like Luggage Free.

Busy – who isn’t busy these days? Luggage Free is a big time-saver. I love flying when I just walk in the airport with my carry-on bag and walk past those queues of frustrated passengers waiting to check in their luggage.

Physically challenged – if you are a mature traveller or have a difficult time moving heavy suitcases, Luggage Free will definitely suit you.

Luggage lovers – if you feel the need to travel with plenty of suitcases and have a hard time fitting those into a cab, this service will avoid those perplexing decisions about what not to bring. Or if you’ve discovered you’ve over-shopped while on vacation, fret not and just call Luggage Free to take your goodies home.

The Verdict

Is Luggage Free too good to be true? Nope, it’s as easy and convenient as they claim. I almost wish it were more complicated so I had at least one negative thing to say, but as it stands, I’m now part of the choir.

Now I just have to find a real life butler like Mr Carson and my Downton Abbey fantasy life will be fulfilled.

Price: starting at US$2.20/lb

Where to buy:

Use our exclusive Luggage Free coupon code "Bender25" for a $25 discount

Enter it the "special instructions" field during an online booking, or mention it during a phone booking.

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I wish my experience with Luggage Free had been this positive. I used their service to ship two camera tripods to a convention I was attending. On the outgoing delivery, they charged me for twice the actual weight of the package, and the shipping box was destroyed. So, for the return trip, I had to purchase a new box for shipping, and they charged me for THREE times the actual weight of the boxes. All told, I paid $138 to ship an 9 pound box from Missouri to Georgia and back again. I will never use Luggage Free again.

Elisa Sep 27th, 2016

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