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Cold hard fact. Mental barriers aside, the only thing between you and your next dream destination is one flight, and a pocket full of cash.

Another cold hard fact. Finding a cheap flight is damn hard work.

There’s a lot of time-intensive searching, hunting down the cheapest routes, keeping track of prices, being patient, and then finally pulling the trigger.

I came across a convenient service that takes the pain out of finding mistake fares and super cheap deals from airlines. It’s called Matt’s Flights, and was founded by a guy named… Matt.

Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Heads up - Matt is a little strange. Unlike me, he gets his thrills by scrolling through lots and lots of flight searches on sites like Google Flights, Skyscanner and Momondo. His day is filled with hunting down bargains, sifting through email newsletters and discovering new routes. 

Sorry Matt, you’re a geek.

But geeks can be handy. Bill Gates kind of handy.

I’ll explain why.

What Is Matt’s Flights & How Does It Work?

Usually when you want to find a cheap flight it starts with a search. Then you go down a rabbit hole of clicks, and 2 hours later you’re still staring at the screen, no flight is booked, and your patience is fraying.

Matt’s Flights starts with no search. Instead, Matt personally sends you a customised email alert with the cheapest domestic or international flight he’s found that day departing from your selected region.

He gives you the destination, approximate booking deadline, best travel time and airline/s. There’s even a screenshot of a Google Flights search, so you can see it’s legit.

So simple, yet so genius.

And these deals aren’t trivial. Savings can be as high as 90%!

When you’ve found a deal you like, I suggest locking it in as quickly as possible because airlines set pricing based on demand, and the price could rise within a matter of hours once other passengers jump on it.

Example email with deals for flights to London

Premium Perks

There are 2 versions of the Matt’s Flights service – free and premium. Anyone can sign up for the free version, no credit card needed. In fact, over half a million people already have. The format of the free email alert is pretty much the same as the premium except there are fewer deals, so you can miss out on the biggest savings. The free email includes teasers of premium deals that you missed as a reminder. 

If you want a taste of the premium perks, but not ready to commit, take a free 14-day free trial. Once you’re hooked, it will be hard to go back.

As a premium member, you get the following benefits:

  • 1-on-1 flight planning support – simply email Matt with your ideal itinerary and he’ll help you find the cheapest flights… even if they’re not the flights mentioned in his newsletter.
  • Exclusive premium-only cheap flight deals – these are usually the steepest discounts to the most in-demand destinations.

Up to 5 times more deals than free members. That’s a lot of cheap flights!

A Few Examples

Here’s a few deals that I received in the last week via email (round trip prices in US Dollars):

  • New York to London: $315 (instead of $800, saving 61%)
  • Boston to Bogota (nonstop): $373 (instead of $900, saving 59%)
  • New York to Amsterdam: $289 (instead of $1000, saving 71%)
  • Washington DC to Austin: $118 (instead of $550, saving 79%)
  • Atlanta to Miami: $57 (instead of $400, saving 86%)

 Yes, all of those are round trip prices. Insane! 

And these come through week after week after week. There’s no shortage of cheap flights with Matt.

What I Like

  • No cost, no risk – choose from the free version and take the premium service for a free trial for 14 days. You even get a 30 day money back guarantee after the free trial.
  • Email alert layout is clean and straightforward – quickly find the info you need.
  • Big savings – discounts that will put air travel within reach of just about everyone.
  • Domestic & international flights – to a wide range of destinations.
  • Frequency – you can expect 3+ emails per week.
  • Fast response times – for premium support. Check out these 5-star reviews on Facebook.
  • Manage account and subscription on secure website.
  • Use airline points – If you already have points for a specific airline, as a premium member Matt can help you find the best flights that you can use your points on.

Could Be Better

  • US/Canada only - at the moment the service only supports departures from the US and Canada, but if you need an airport that isn’t supported yet just ask Matt.
  • No specific departure cities - I’d prefer to see just the departure cities of my choosing rather than those which may not be relevant.

Is Matt’s Flights Worth The Money?

The average saving provided by Matt’s Flights is $500 per ticket. So, the short answer is yes.

You don’t have to be a math genius to realise that the savings from just 1 flight per year will be far, far greater than the US$59.99 annual premium subscription. But the more you fly, the more you save.

And I like that there’s no pressure or long-term commitment, you can cancel the premium subscription any time. No hard feelings.

Matt’s Flights really is a godsend for every travel lover. And as far as I’m concerned, it’s an essential tool to make your dream vacation a reality.

Feeling inspired? Try out Matt’s Flights newsletter now.

Price: Free or US$59.99 for Premium

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Yes, it's good if you have flexible date and time. But if you want exactly date is hard to get especially in Summer time. Remember, Matts do not own Airlines, just just have more time to search it for you --that's why you need to pay him or go to Travel agent

Noy Jan 1st, 2020

woooow lovely artical nice trip lovely i like it

dd Sep 19th, 2020

can you send me the link for flyline ?thanks

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