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Music On The Go With The Record Bluetooth Speaker

Have you ever been to a BBQ or a picnic and wish you could play some music so you meticulously selected a snazzy tune on your smartphone and cranked up the volume? I’m guessing it didn’t set the atmosphere you were hoping for.

Enter the Record Bluetooth Speaker. Unleash the music trapped on your phone and make it easy to share wherever you are without any cumbersome wires. It’s perfect for social events, family gatherings, in the car or even in business meetings. 

Using either a Bluetooth connection or 3.5mm audio cable (included), you can connect almost any smartphone, tablet, laptop or MP3 player. The discrete built-in microphone is positioned at the top of the speaker, transforming it into a hands-free loudspeaker for your phone, perfect for business meetings.

The speaker is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery which connects via a micro USB cable to an AC adapter (not included) or a laptop or computer. Charging time takes about 1.5 hours, and it provides about 3 hours of playback time which is usually more than enough. But if your parties go longer, the Power Bank will match that challenge perfectly.

The Bluetooth pairing process was painless and fast. No need to enter a password anywhere. Just turn it on and it’s automatically in pairing mode. If the speaker has paired with your phone or other device previously, that will be automatically detected. So it’s literally a plug-n-play solution. Cleverly, if the 3.5mm audio cable is connected, the Bluetooth connection will be automatically turned off to conserve battery.

With the rubber non-slip base and solid construction, it is designed with portability in mind. Just pop it in your backpack (or handbag) and take it on the road wherever you go. You never know when it will save the day.

Price: AUD$55.00

Where to buy:

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  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3.5mm input (and cable included)
  • 3 hour playback time
  • Built in microphone and hands-free function for mobile calls


  • Playback time: 3-4 hours
  • Standby time: 100 hours
  • Battery: Li-on 500mAh/3.7V
  • Bluetooth distance: <10m
  • Bluetooth version: 3.0
  • Speaker: 4 Watt
  • Input: Micro 5V
  • Dimensions: 95mm diameter, 91mm height

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"I respond to every comment by private email. So please leave me comments, I love chatting to you" -
Posted by Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families on
I have a similar speaker and I love it. It is portable and has great sound considering its size.
Posted by Nicole on
This sounds great! Ive been wanting something like this for ages. Will look into this one. Thanks!
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