Scratch Off World Map Review: The Surprisingly Satisfying Travel Tracker

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I’ve got a secret that very few people know about. And I’m going to share it with you…

I’m a die-hard map geek.

It all started many moons ago when I was 4 years old. My father gifted me an enormous, heavy world atlas. It was a giant musty book almost 3 feet tall and an inch thick. Unsurprisingly, my father was a high school geography teacher.

I turned the sacred pages carefully, amazed at the detail and breadth of our world. Carefully inspecting the network of roads that connected cities in Latvia. Studying the topographic contours of Brazil. I would daydream about what life would be like in far-flung countries I could barely pronounce.

A travel dream was born.

Dramatic coastlines in Krabi, Thailand

Little did I know that those map reading skills would prove invaluable in my adult life as a professional travel writer and photographer. Navigating busy cities is a breeze. Hopping across continents is no sweat.

I still love maps today. So, it was no surprise when I found myself getting a little giddy upon discovering the latest mapping trend that helps keep track of your travels.

Recording your journeys is as old as time. Prehistoric Paleolithic dudes did it. Ancient Greek conquerors did it. Venetian merchants did it. And now we’ve evolved to tracking our travel with high-tech gizmos and satellites in the sky.

But there’s something satisfying about tactile sensations that smartphones just can’t replicate.

And this is where Landmass have created a winning formula… 

The scratch off world map.

It’s blissfully simple. You don’t need any complex instructions - anyone can do it. And you get the same buzz as an instant-win scratchy game, but there’s no gambling involved… everyone’s a winner!

Simply scratch off the foil from countries you’ve been to, and you’re rewarded with a gratifying burst of colour and an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.

You think I’m yanking your chain? Give it a try and you’ll be hooked. 

Ta da!

Why I Like The Landmass Scratch Off World Map?

It’s big

And everyone knows bigger is better. But how big exactly? 24 inches wide and 17 inches tall (60cm x 43cm). This is big enough to see painstaking detail expert cartographers went through to create this masterpiece of line art. 

It’s affordable

Landmass currently have the scratch off world map on sale for US$27.99. That’s less than a couple large pizzas. And a lot better for your waistline.

Strolling the streets of Istanbul, Turkey

Quality printing

This isn’t some gimmick that will fade after a few months. It’s printed on heavy glossy stock paper and will last for many years to come.

Gold leaf foil

Everything that glitters IS gold… at least in this case. And it gives the map an extra punch of panache.

Almost as much gold as the Lord Murugan statue at Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Vibrant colours

Scratch away the countries and flags to reveal bold, eye-catching colours. This isn’t a wallflower to hide in a corner. It demands centre stage and is ready to be seen.

Bright colours just like the street art of Melbourne, Australia. #moretravelgoals

State-level details for USA, Canada and Australia

Just because you’re cool and travelled to Nevada (remember that Las Vegas long weekend?), you still have 49 US states to reach. Feel the progress on the largest countries (by size) as you traverse them one state/province/territory at a time.

210 flags

Yep, every flag for every country. Well, all the important ones. And even the newest kid on the block is represented – South Sudan! A controversial, yet heartfelt, apology goes out to Taiwan (from me) which doesn’t get it’s own flag. Hopefully the Communist Party of China doesn’t read this blog.

Stickers included

Let your creativity run wild with a bunch of colourful stickers to personalise your scratch map – map pins, love hearts, stars, flags and speech bubbles. Stickers always make everything better.

Available in black or white.

Just like Michael Jackson. I personally like the black better – the map, that is.

Lifetime guarantee

Landmass stand behind their scratch off world maps with a lifetime guarantee. If you don’t like it after a while, they’ll end your life. Nah, not really! They’ll make sure the map stands the test of time.

Other Satisfying Things You Can Do With This Scratch Off World Map

Scratching the map is just scratching the surface. You’ll be surprised how versatile this scratch off world map can be.

Give it as a gift!

Spread the love all over the world - Landmass offer delivery worldwide. You’ll even get free shipping with every purchase of 2 maps (or more). The loved one in your life will be wrapped. And if they don’t like it, just remind them they can disappear too without a trace, just like Taiwan.

Compact size, easy for shipping

Show off your travels to jealous friends

Combine this strategy with a perfectly executed peacock walk for maximum effect. Be warned, they may try to gouge your eyes in a fit of jealousy if you show off too much. And then you won’t be able to see the beautiful colours of your map. Or perhaps they’ll just ask you to recount your stories from that epic backpacking trip to Nepal.

Step 1, munch on authentic Som Tum in Thailand (green mango salad)
Step 2, Thailand… check!

Decorate your living room

Oh yeah, that’s what this map is for! It looks great in every living room, office, den, mancave, outhouse and jail cell. Good to know if the Communist Party of China catch up with me.

Plan your world domination (or just your next vacation)

I’m sure Napoleon Bonaparte or Genghis Khan would have hung one of these scratch maps in their home (or yurt) if they existed back then. Conquering would have been much, much easier! They’d be so peanut butter and jealous if they saw you now.

Learn every country’s national flag

Next time you see the Kazakhstan flag during the opening ceremony of the Olympic games, you won’t need to scrunch up your face and ask, “who’s that?”. Oh, your friends will be impressed! And if you don’t have any friends to watch the opening ceremony with, now’s a good time to start making new friends. Here’s a group of map lovers on Facebook to get you started.

Discover countries you didn’t even know about

What about those obscure, little-known countries that no one talks about? Brush up on your geography skills and politics. Combine the scratch off world map with the Wikipedia mobile app, and you’ll be a geo-buff in no time at all. Shhh… don’t tell the youngsters it’s educational!

You Read This Far?

Ok, you must love maps as much as I do. Or there’s nothing new to watch on Netflix.

I know you’re going to say, “but Josh, how do I hang one of these on my wall?”, and I’m glad you asked. The clever folks at Landmass offer a matching magnetic hanger frame that is so easy to assemble, Blind Freddie could do it.

That’s it. Now you’ve got no excuse.

Go buy yourself a scratch off world map right now. If you don’t, you’ll make me look bad. And not in a Michael Jackson kind of way.

Price: From US$27.99

Where to buy:

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Thank you so much for posting this. I really appreciate your work. Keep it up. Great work!

chaitra Mar 11th, 2019

I love this map and your review! I like a splice of humor in articles:) I myself was going to get this and did recommend it on my Xmas gift list recommendations. I think I still will for my nephew. My hesitation is framing. I would be hesitant to frame it as would be constantly updating. Also, there is a light up version of a map that is framed. It's way more expensive to buy but it is digital and I am pondering the long term. Either way. loved this read and I did not realize that the country flags were on the map. I think that along has conviced me to take the plunge. Nikki

Brit on the Move Mar 12th, 2019

Hi Josh,
Got your reply - thank you... I think this frame/holder is ok but I like the black frames with the white mats which still means take it in and out. I am wondering if the company will create a sleek frame that you can slide the map in and out of so that it's truly framed up but accessible to edit. Thanks for sharing :) Nikki

Brit on the Move Mar 27th, 2019

Nice post thanks for sharing

Gunwanti Apr 4th, 2019

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