SeatDreamzzz Review: Nodding Off On A Plane… Without The Annoying Head-Nod

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“Just what the world needs… another sleep mask”, you say with an eye roll.

I know exactly what you mean. And I almost missed this fascinating new travel concept as well as I flicked through my inbox.

Before you close this page with a protesting “humph”, just hang around for a minute and see if you’re as impressed as I was. If not, then you can go back to Facebook to watch cute cat videos, and no harm done.


I’ve always found it challenging sleeping on airplanes. And it’s not just because I’m 6’9” and plane seats seem to be getting smaller and smaller. Sometimes I feel like I’d have more leg space if I was in a coffin back in the luggage hold. But in reality, the biggest enemy to sleep on a plan is the infamous “head bob”.

You know what I mean.

Ugh, sleeping on a plane…
…staring at the seat in front of you.

Just as you’re starting to doze off, your head rolls to the side, or straight down, and then jerks back upright waking you again. The jarring experience is beyond frustrating when all you need is some solid rest. To make things worse Joe Flyer in the seat next to you is snoring like a chainsaw. You’re simultaneously disguised by the small stream of drool down the left side of his mouth, pooling like an un-tropical oasis on his shoulder, but equally you’re jealous that he’s already asleep and it feels like you’ll never see Sandman any time on this flight.

If you’ve flown more than once in the evening, and aren’t some kind of miracle sleeper, then I’m sure you can relate to this scenario.

Sometimes it’s the simplest solutions which are also the most elegant.

The folks at SeatDreamzzz were determined to give flyers sweet dreams by addressing this challenge head on. Or should I say “head still”. How to cure the nasty “head bob”? They’ve used a fairly basic eye mask, but with a separate attachment strap which wraps around the plane seat’s headrest.

I tried it out myself and have to say it was surprisingly easy and comfortable. Did it work? Yes, absolutely. It does what it says on the packet. Simple as that.

The silicon layer coating the backing strip ensure it keeps a solid grip on the seat headrest.

The mask is lightweight (only 4oz) and flexible so it fits into any small bag or even your pocket. It will fit pretty much any size head and seat and only takes a few seconds to set up. And it’s easy to clean. Construction is durable – strong stitching with robust yet comfortable fabric. it feels like I could fly with it for years and it won’t age a day. I wish I could say that about myself!

The only downside, is unlike cushier masks that feature softer, thicker padding, the nose gap doesn’t completely black out 100% of light. Or maybe it’s just because I have a big nose. Not entirely sure. But considering all the other benefits and relatively affordable price tag, I find it’s a worthwhile trade-off.

The mask comes with a handy soft carry pouch so you don’t lose the extension strap. The pouch features 2 pockets which are the perfect size to hold a phone, cables, headphones, candy, passport, ear plugs, nose plugs, hair plugs, a sock for Joe Flyer’s mouth, or other small useful accessories.

carry pouch

The SeatDreamzzz mask is currently on Kickstarter and will be available for regular purchases in January 2018. If you’re thinking about flying this year, this sleep mask could be just the thing to start your vacation on the right foot.

Price: $25

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