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Bali, Indonesia

34 Gorgeous Photos of Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran

Jimbaran in Bali is known for fresh seafood, beautiful sunsets and luxurious resorts. Take a stroll with me around one of the most gorgeous resorts in the area, Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran. Be warned though. If you haven’t already booked a flight to Bali, then you may just be compelled to do that after finishing this article.

- Josh

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View from the roof - Jimbaran’s famous sunset setting the perfect backdrop to the resort.

Wedding chapel reflection.

Pool bar.

Set for 2 in the lobby/hub.

Watching planes land in the distance, against the deep orange sunset.

Rooftop sky lounge, Smoqee, at sunset.

Sunbeds near the saltwater lagoon pool which is spread over 1300 square metres.

Seafood restaurants along Jimbaran Beach. Today’s catch is cooking with smoke from the grills wafting into the dim dusk sky.

View from the rooftop lounge over the pool.

The artistically decorated lobby/hub. The resort’s theme is art and beautiful pieces of art adorn every wall. In the back, Latitude8 cocktail bar serving up custom designed cocktails, a wide selection of wines and Illy coffee.

Balloons are released during a wedding and drift westward into the pink sky. So romantic. So magical.

Sit back and relax in the lobby/hub. No windows getting in the way of the perpetually gorgeous view.

What you see is exactly what you get. Sitting in the lobby/hub with a drink in the hand, watching the sun go down.

Smoqee rooftop lounge and restaurant.

Lush gardens border what I call “the runway”.

Chef hard at work, putting together the tenderest BBQ lamb I’ve had in Bali. Bistro Gastro is held every Saturday night on the Smoqee sky lounge.

Beautifully decorated suite.

Surreal sunset. The golden disc silently slips behind the thick clouds on the horizon.

Quiet corner for relaxation.

Glass wedding chapel, surround by blue water and a dusty pink sky.

Sunset view from the wedding chapel.

Lagoon pool and suite tower.

Funky chill out zone on the Smoqee sky lounge.

Welcome treat for my son in our room. Personalised service everywhere you turn…

…even at breakfast, with our own personalised hot chocolates.

Bamboo Chic Restaurant, serving an amazing array of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Burger masterpiece – art around the resort isn’t limited to the walls… it also exists on plates. At the Bamboo Chic Restaurant.

Juicy chicken satay served on a unique warming tray at the Bamboo Chic Restaurant.

Who said working out in the gym couldn’t be fun? Internet-connected running machine delivers Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more while you work up a sweat.

Live music during a Saturday night Bistro Gastro.

Bass guitar strings as colourful as the Jimbaran sunset.

Rock decorations show attention to detail, even in this out-of-the-way corner of the resort.

Suite towers and lagoon pool during the day.

Red round couch in the lobby/hub. Kick up and relax with a drink or just drink up the sunset.

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Posted by Divergent Travelers Adventure on
Nice Photos, Makes me want to head back to Bali.
Posted by Eva Angel on
nice picture..........amazing
Posted by Rhonda Albom on
Wow, they sure are gorgeous photos. What a lovely place to stay.
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