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Today we visited several schools in the Jimbaran area. While we are only here for a month I would love the kids to make some friends and maybe learn some Indonesian.

Our favourite one would have to be the Garuda Bilingual School. It has a playgroup to primary and was set out very colourfully with a nice playground in the centre. This school would be great for longer term, as the fees are about $40 per month including catering, extracurricular activities, etc. However the registration fee is $800 for the year. Why this is a great price for the year, for just one month it is not viable for us at this time.

The kids, however, loved playing with the other children there during the break and Mia made fast friends with a little girl named Amanda. She was absolutely adorable in her uniform and with her straight black hair. There were also a number of Caucasian children at the school and the administration staff spoke excellent English.

Our next stop was the Pelangi school. This school has no affiliation with the school in Ubud. It was a small, old school and the staff spoke very little English and they only taught in Indonesian. We did not delve much further into this college, although you can see their prices from the pictures below also.

Lastly we visited a very small, hard to find daycare. Google maps does not like the back streets of Jimbaran and so we simply drove around trying to find it and accidentally stumbled across it. It was an adorable little house with a big strong gate. The staff were ultra friendly and spoke very good English. The room was small, roughly 4 children. There were toys and a TV, another room with drawing tables and another room with mats for bedtime.

They charge 600,000 rp ($60) per month per child for 6 days per week 8am to 5pm. We are only looking for maybe 3 days so they agreed to halve the price. The teacher child ratio was excellent and we felt very confident with the staff.

Of course there are major concerns on safety and hygiene and the children not being too bored. The school seems perfect for Caius’ age, but maybe a little to young for Mia. However they assured us they do activities like a school. Tomorrow we will be doing a trial couple of hours, and then I will grill the children thoroughly.

Stay tuned and please share your experiences on Bali schools if you have any?


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Great reading you should try and contact a newspaper or travel mag f

Karin holmes May 29th, 2012

love this erin you should contact australian newspaper or travel magazine

k May 30th, 2012

Hi there and thanks for the info.

What's the name and location of the 3rd one you mention?

How did the trial go?

Thanks again....

Bubble's Dad Oct 8th, 2012

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