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In August 2014 I’ll be heading to Finland to explore the beautiful region of Saimaa. Situated in the southwest of the country, this is home to the largest lake in Europe and oodles of breathtaking natural scenery. And you know I love gorgeous landscapes.

This trip will be in conjunction with VisitFinland and there’ll be a handful of other bloggers along for the ride. So it’s guaranteed to be a fun adventure. You’ll be able to follow along live on social media via our accounts on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and you also can check out the hashtags #OutdoorsFinland and #VisitFinland

I ain't got no photos of Finland yet, so this one is from VisitFinland.

There’ll be plenty of fishing, hiking, kayaking, swimming, saunas, eating and seal spying. In particular I’m hoping to see the endangered Saimaa Ringed Seal. At some point I may even sleep in a prison. We’ll see.

Erin, Mia and Caius will be staying back housesitting in Belgium while I go frolicking for 4 days. So this will be a bit more fast-paced than our usual style, but I’ll still be covering the adventures from a family perspective. 

So if you’ve ever thought about visiting Finland, I’m going to do the reconnaissance for you and report back my experiences.


- Josh

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Come to Minnesota. It's got 10,000 lakes...and a lot of Finns.

Michael Orobona Aug 2nd, 2014

Finland is a beautiful country situated between Norway and Sweden. Home to exquisite cities such as Helsinki and many mountains and Aurora Lights its a delightful place to visit for anyone. Check out the best places to visit in finland and witness the beauty

best places to visit in finland Feb 22nd, 2019

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