Photography Tour Around Finland’s Saimaa Region

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There are locations on this planet that have to be seen to be believed. Mere letters and words cannot begin to paint the picture that will do the location justice. And since we haven’t got a functioning teleportation machine handy for you (it’s in the repair shop at the moment), I’ve got the next best thing – a photography tour!

Finland is a vast, untamed land teaming with diverse wildlife, majestic lush forests and expansive tranquil lakes. In fact its one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe. That means there’s plenty of space in the great outdoors for every activity under the sun. Here are a few favourites from my recent trip around eastern Finland. Enjoy!

- Josh

Fishing & Boating

Fishing rods poised for action.
Up for an early fishing trip with Saimaa Fishing Travels. This fellow was awarded Finland's best fishing tour award in 2014.
Waiting for the fish to bite.
Using the latest fishing technology to track the fish & best quality fishing gear.
Our patience is rewarded! It was too small so lived to fight another day.

Kayaking (and Canoeing)

Paddling on a lake so clean you can actually drink the water (so I tried!)


Hiking through Linnansaari National Park.
Beautiful lake views around every corner.
Soft ground covering around the forest. This particular type only grows where the air is very clean.
It feels like magical forest creatures will pop out at any moment.
Upside down dancing ant.
Lookout point in Linnansaari National Park called "The Castle"


Hunting for blueberries at sunset.
A successful foraging expedition.
Quiet break on a foraging trip into the forest.


Olavinlinna Castle, the 15-th century fortress located in Savonlinna.

Sunset Hunting

Capturing the beauty of a Saimaa sunset.
Cloud kaleidoscope.

Finland is a paradise if you love the outdoors, or if you’re just looking for a peaceful, relaxing holiday. There’s nothing like getting close to nature to ease the tension of busy city life. Weather you’re thinking of visiting for 4 days or 4 weeks, your soul is guaranteed to be soothed.

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