Where To Eat On The Greek Islands: Milos

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During our visit to the Greek islands I’d have to say the food was some of the best we’ve tasted anywhere in the world… absolutely divine! So we put together a little list of all the places we tried so when you come to visit the heavenly paradise that is the Greek Islands, your belly may also share the extraordinary delight. Be prepared to be full, really full, chock full. The Greek certainly know hospitality!

Many of the restaurants on Milos were designed with families and young children in mind by providing playgrounds and toys. These are a godsend for parents looking for a little peace and quiet. Being a bigger island than Kythnos and Sifnos, there were a wider range of cuisines available, however we were completely delighted to gobble down more beautiful Greek food.

What you have to find on Milos -

A dessert of yoghurt and carrot jam. 


O Hamos (Oh Hamo) @ Adamas

As soon as you walk in the atmosphere makes you feel at home. The menus are hand-written books in at least 5 languages with cute little wooden utensils stuck to the covers. There is a playground for the children and the service is lovely. The food comes in generous serving sizes, perfect for family-style sharing.



Apoplous @ Adamas

Right on the beach this seafood restaurant is wonderful for sunsets. We tried traditional tomato balls here and the oddest dessert ever, that actually really worked – yogurt with sweet carrot jam. The owner is very friendly, passionate about food, and always good for a chat.



Sirocco @ Paliochori

A perfect location on the beach, including swings and toys for the kids. The service was not the normal Greek hospitality we had enjoyed previously, but the food is hearty and the creative décor exuded a relaxed beach vibe. 

Greece travel tip: Find the cheapest ferry tickets from Milos to Athens or Santorini.

Yankos @ Adamas

This place is always busy whether in the day where adults drink coffee and watch the kids on the nearby playground or in the evening watching the sunset. This is the place for Italian food done very well. The kids loved their pizza and pasta. Highly recommend. 


Barriello @ Tripiti

Josh spent the last evening with new friends and did Greek dinner time (starting at 10pm). He indulged in cheese from France & Italy, wine from Crete, grilled peppers stuffed with béchamel tuna, shrimp in olive oil and garlic, boiled & fried salad, rabbit stew, braised lamb, strawberry cheesecake and mascarpone mousse. The owner was really passionate about quality food. All the produce is grown on his family farm. And he’s an absolutely warm and generous soul. From the perfectly matched décor, to the perfectly matched mood music, this is the perfect place to enjoy a memorable dinner.




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