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Will There be Any Chocolate in That Mold?

We had such delicious fun it wasn’t right not to include the kids. So less then a week later we went back. And this time the kids got to get good and messy.


Our second chocolate workshop was “bean to bar” where, similar to the truffle workshop we did previously, we learned about chocolate, but then we got right into making chocolate.

I think Caius may have been too young for this class; well at least he was too tired for it and spent the first hour in my arms out the back. The good thing is there was a café attached to the chocolate shop so we shared some hot chocolate, banana cake and went and looked at all the beautiful fabrics the ladies were selling in the nearby square.

Meanwhile Mia and her Daddy learned about the history of chocolate. By the end Mia was itching to get into the kitchen. On with the apron, up on a chair and she was ready to go with our fellow students.

There is not much I can say about this class in comparison to our class except it was messier. Picture a 2 & 4 year old making chocolate, “one for the mold, one for me, one for the mold, two for me, one for the mold…” You get the idea.

Mia’s favourite part was definitely cleaning (licking) the chocolate bowl after all her molds were filled.

Caius actually did a much better job making chocolate lollypops than I expected. Most of the chocolate ended up in the molds (most of the time).

It is definitely a great idea to take your kids. Two weeks later my 4 year old is still asking if we can go back and make more chocolate. Not to mention the great satisfaction we had in watching them enjoy the best Easter present ever.

By the end I had my fill of chocolate, let alone the kids. But part of the special kids party is fruit & fondue afterwards. Not surprisingly the kids at the fruit, drank the water and skipped the chocolate. 


Thanks once again Choco Museo. As you can see, we had a blast. The Choco Museo is loads of fun for adults, but just as fun for kids. Take them along and be an award-winning parent. 

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Posted by Karin on
Very funny seeing those pictures
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