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Chewing Gum in Hair Leads to Hollywood Hop-On-Hop-Off to Santa Monica Pier

With Josh still in Portland for business our third day got off to a rough start. A friend from Australia was visiting and we wanted to meet up. It never happened. We missed him by a few hours. Why? As I was getting the kids dressed I started to brush Mia’s hair and noticed a huge clump of pink, sticky, icky, gum in it. Our first gum-in-the-hair experience.

I can only imagine where she got it. Perhaps when she was lying down on the seat at the restaurant last night and put her head under the table. I mean yuck, it wasn’t even hers. This big mess was in my daughter's beautiful blonde locks. I love my daughter's hair. Scissors were not the answer. We do some Internet research on how to remove it and decide on the oil method. I spray her hair with canola oil (thank God the Owner has pantry items), leave it in for a while, giving it a little massage and then start using my fingers to pull out those disgusting pink strands of gooeyness, trying not to imagine who's slobbering mouth it was in. There are many tears as I pull strand after strange, but soon she is under the shower for a hair wash and we are certain every last piece has left and her hair does not look too worse for wear.


When we are finally ready we have missed our friend and must amuse ourselves for the day. Thinking to head to Santa Monica Pier anyway we head to the train station only to realise it’s a bus station we need and the whole thing just seems to overwhelming with 2 kids by myself… I tell you I am lost without my husband!

As I stand at the bus stop wondering to try the bus or just head home I see a answer to my prayers way across the street. A wonderful, life, saving sign. No, not the Morman advertisement, next to it. The hop-on-hop-off was great and I can highly recommend it. I learnt lots about the Hollywood area. With 2 kids and myself it was a great relief to be able to see all the sites on the comfort of the bus without having to figure it out all by myself. As on previous occasions love the hop-on-hop-off (which I only hoped off once!).

Tip: If you buy your hop-on-hop-off ticket online in advance you can save at least $5 per adult ticket, and more for multi-day tickets.

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Posted by Rhiannon on
So glad you didn't have to chop her locks!! poor little thing, looked horrid! But glad you still had a nice day. and I gained this appreciation for single mums when I babysat the kids for a weekend at your house! and that was at home in the suburbs! i can't imagine going out somewhere unknown and new and doing that! Well done, you super mum you!!
Posted by karin Holmes on
oh dear Mia
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