Flytographer: How To Capture The Perfect Vacation

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How many thousands of dollars do you spend on a vacation? 

And what about all those hours planning, sorting and organising to make sure it’s the best family holiday ever?

And how do you remember it?

Our family watching the sunset on Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Photo credit: Flytographer / Monica López

A family vacation often creates the most magical memories, and ones that should be captured forever. But other than taking our own arm-length holiday selfies how can we capture natural moments including our entire family?

While I’m lucky to have my very own photographer capturing our travels to the last 67 countries, I wanted to have him in the pics as well. And then we heard about Flytographer, a company who believed photos make the best souvenirs. Flytographer asked us to try out their service and we now have magical images to last a lifetime.

All over the world Flytographer connects you with local professional photographers who can capture the perfect images of your precious vacation. 

How It Works

We found the process so easy: 

Step 1) Choose your destination. After a little research, we decided on Isla Mujeres in Mexico.

Step 2) Select your photographer. It was easy to see Monica was the girl we wanted from examples of her previous sunset shoots in Mexico. I love that you can see each photographer’s work.

Step 3) Submit the inquiry.

Step 4) Finalise the details. We received an email with the time and meeting place. You also get access to the photographer’s email and phone number to streamline the pre-shoot communication process.

Step 5) Meet the photographer. Our 1-hour photo shoot went super smoothly and, because she was a local, she knew the best spots for our beach photos.

Step 6) Receive your processed photos 5 days later. It only took 5 days for us to receive an email with all our high-resolution images ready to download. 

Photo Shoot Tips

Once you select the destination and location – research your outfits. We wanted a beach sunset style so shoes were off the menu. But I wanted everyone in fun, new outfits and researched previous Flytographer photo shoots and also checked out their style guide.

Feel free to give direction, as well as receive it from your photographer. Use their experience, but don’t be afraid to get those “must-have” shots.

The Results

There’s an easy way to tell whether it worked or not. Simply see our favourite shots taken by Monica, our Flytographer:

To check prices at your next vacation spot, click here. 

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What beautiful photos! I will have to check this place out!

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