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dripthat: Digital Storytelling One Drip At A Time

I’m sure you know of a friend who has recently been on vacation and they seem to have invaded your Facebook feed with dozens of photos and videos. You know they are excited about their trip and you might even be interested in checking out the destinations they’ve been to. But the sheer volume of information is too much, so you just skip over it.

A new free social media app called dripthat has aimed at solving that very issue. By combining photos and videos into a single album and “dripping” it out over a specific period of time (a few minutes, hours, days or even weeks), you don’t end up bogging your friends down with more of those sunset cocktail selfies. Even better, you have complete control over the privacy settings – select individual friends, groups or make it public.

There are lots of ways of putting the app to use, such as chopping up your travel video into bit-sized chunks using the built-in trimming tools. Or perhaps rolling out the highlights of your city tour over the period of a few days. It will keep your friends and followers interested much longer as your story unfolds over time.

The standard social media features of liking and commenting on posts is intuitive. The content layout resembles an amalgamation between Pinterest and Instagram, so you’ll be sure to find the app almost familiar from the moment you open it.

Here’s a video which highlights the key feature of creating a drip:

The app is currently available on iPhone and is super easy to use.

Download it now - free

While you’re at it, check out my dripthat profile

Price: Free

This information has been written on behalf of dripthat. As always, my opinions, words and emoticons are my own.

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